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JOTO PR Disruptors client Paul Ford, co-founder and CEO of Traffk, was interviewed by Forbes for an article titled, “Why Can’t Life Insurance Companies Make Buying A Policy Easier?”.

Paul Ford spoke to Forbes in depth about the outdated practices that life insurance providers use, which are increasingly becomes barriers to entry for new clients. People are increasingly becoming more dependent on technologies like mobile apps, price comparison sites, and aggregators to access services. These high-tech tools are largely absent from the life insurance underwriting process. Instead, by comparison the industry’s processes are inconvenient and time-consuming. Between asking questions, the required medical exam and more, and now the added backlogs due to Covid-19, all make for a slow process that can take many months to complete.

To help life insurance companies become more streamlined, Paul Ford recommends they embrace digital processes for purchasing coverage which and it’s a trend that he sees as increasing. Ford’s company provides such service solutions – a digital underwriting platform – and is launching two digital insurance companies this year: Hero Life and Spectrum Life that is among several other services that facilitate fast-approval term life insurance. Provided that applicants meet company qualifications, approvals can be made within minutes.


Why You Should Pay Attention

Forbes is a widely recognized business-oriented publication with an audience of about 130 million business professionals, executives and decision makers.

Paul Ford brought highly relevant industry thought leadership to a business audience regarding a trillion-dollar industry that has been slow to adapt and his efforts to change that using new digital technologies to keep up in an increasing connected world.


Traffk found a way to help. How do you do the same?


About Traffk


Traffk is an innovative insurance underwriting and distribution platform designed to build and launch modern insurance products and brands that scale. With more than 25 years combined leadership in insurance and AI, Paul Ford and Glen Hibler co-founded Traffk as a solution to the problems of inefficient, assumption-based underwriting and slow processing in the insurance industry. Traffk’s goal from the start has been to comprehend the risks and modernize the insurance underwriting process by leveraging modern-day tools. Traffk enables risk bearers to leverage the underwriting process with its data-enrichment technology and integrates and analyzes data to glean insights pertinent to insurance. Traffk works with agents as partners, providing them with the digital tools to work with an efficient sales process and engage consumers with a fast, accurate process for insurance policies, changing the insurance landscape for the better, forever. Visit https://www.traffk.com/


About Forbes

With a presence on every platform, Forbes is the largest global business media brand in the world with incomparable scale and the unique ability to convene, curate and cover the most influential leaders and entrepreneurs who are driving change, transforming business and making a significant impact on the world. Forbes’ international network of editors, journalists, and contributors fuels the creation of content distributed through Forbes.com, Forbes Magazine, research and insights reports, signature live events, and much more. Its trusted journalism includes franchises such as Billionaires, 30 Under 30, Forbes 400, and Self-Made Women (to name just a few) and its highly respected investment newsletters. As a result, Forbes trusted journalism today reaches more than 120 million people worldwide.


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