Client in the News: Technologent’s Mike McLaughlin speaks on What SMBs Need For Business Plans in Times on Crisis

Client in the News: Technologent’s Mike McLaughlin speaks on What SMBs Need For Business Plans in Times on Crisis

What’s It About?

JoTo PR Disruptors client Mike McLaughlin, chief information officer and vice president of professional services at Technologent was featured in an article on TechRepublic titled, 5 things SMB IT departments should do to survive the impact of COVID-19.

Small companies face an extra set of challenges now that remote work is the norm for most employees due to the coronavirus outbreak. Most large corporations have the basic structure in place for telecommuting, but that is not always the case for small- and medium-sized businesses. These companies have to establish a technical infrastructure and keep employees connected all while bad actors are looking to take advantage of these transitions.

SMBs must take time to develop a plan to sustain critical infrastructure during times of crisis. This could include disaster recovery as a service for companies that can’t afford infrastructure redundancy.

McLaughlin said Technologent’s customers are also looking for help to handle the increased demand on internal IT teams for emergency operations, including reporting and communication. He recommends using web-based service portals to support these business needs: 

  • Exposure management to respond to suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 among employees
  • Emergency outreach for communicating with the workforce to share updates and status reports
  • Emergency response operations to provide a centralized system for requesting, managing, and tracking resources 

Why You Should Pay Attention

TechRepublic has an audience of 5.9 million including CEOS, CFOS, CIOs, and all manner IT professionals, many of whom are looking for thought leadership right now, as IT departments and resources are being stretched to their limits and beyond. Mike McLaughlin provided useful tips for small and medium-sized business that really need a professional guiding hand. And with such a huge audience, and better still, a largely industry-specific one, he reached out with recommendations that addressed specific business needs that will help in this crisis.

Technologent found a way to help. What about you?

About Technologent

Technologent is a Global Provider of Edge-to-EdgeTM Information Technology Solutions and Services for Fortune 1000 companies. We help our clients outpace the new digital economy by creating IT environments that are fast, flexible, efficient, transparent and secure. Without these characteristics, companies will miss the opportunity to optimally scale. Technologent mobilizes the power of technology to turn our clients’ vision into reality, enabling them to focus on driving innovation, increasing productivity and outperforming the market. For more information, please visit www.technologent.com

Founded in 1997, TechRepublic serves as the ultimate professional resource and community for members of the IT sector.

With more people working from home than ever before, IT staffs need all the help they can get. Mike McLaughlin at Technologent saw the need for lots of expert guidance in this new “work from home” normal – and his insight was sorely needed. And because we found his audience, he was able speak to his particular audience, help them navigate these new times, and cement his credibility among a host of industry peers.

Do you have your own expert guidance to offer? The kind that will help others thrive during COVID-19 crisis?

Of course you do. You solve problems. But you need to put yourself out there to be seen as the problem solver. And JoTo PR Disruptors has the means to get your solutions—and you—seen and heard. Let’s get started.

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