Shortness of Breath and Unusual Fatigue Warning Signs for Heart Attacks

JoTo PR client, InfoBionic, wrote a bylined article in The Upside of 50 titled, Women & Heart Attacks: Prevention, Early Detection Game-Changers.

A recent study, published in the journal Circulation, examined the incidence of heart attacks in women ages 35-55, finding: From 1995-1999, this population accounted for 21 percent of reported heart attacks among all women. From 2010-2014, that number increased to 31 percent of reported heart attacks among women. Yet, women tend to have different symptoms than men. According to, women experience: shortness of breath, cold sweats and usual and explainable fatigue.

Also, women are less likely to experience dramatic chest pains. Instead, they are more likely to experience fatigue, nausea, dizziness/lightheadedness and vomiting – symptoms that can cause doctors to mistakenly diagnose women with other conditions, thus delaying treatment. The first thing all women over 30 should be doing is getting screened for heart disease. The American Heart Association recommends getting screened every two years for high blood pressure and cholesterol blood glucose levels. If your blood pressure is consistently higher than 120/80, you are overweight, or if you identify a problem with cholesterol or blood glucose levels (indicating possible diabetes), you should get checked out more frequently.

InfoBionic is a digital health company transforming the efficiency and economics of ambulatory remote patient monitoring processes by optimizing clinical and real-world utility for the users that need it most – physicians and their patients. The Massachusetts-based team of seasoned entrepreneurs have had successful careers in healthcare, IT, medical devices and mobile technology, and bring specific expertise in remote monitoring and cardiology. They have seen first-hand the complexities of traditional cardiac arrhythmia detection and monitoring processes and designed the transformative MoMe® Kardia platform to remove the roadblocks hindering faster, more effective diagnosis and decision-making. Frost & Sullivan bestowed the 2019 North American Remote Cardiac Monitoring Technology Leadership Award upon InfoBionic. For more information visit   

The Upside of 50 focuses on helping women to live their best lives following that age milestone with news, information, advice, recommendations and inspiration.

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