Client in the News: Steven Steckler, President of Sentry Claims Group, Highlights how California is Unprepared for “The Big One”



Property and Casualty Insurers Must Spearhead Charge to Mitigate Risk

JoTo PR Client, Sentry Claims Group, was featured in GovTech article called We’re Not Ready—In California or Anywhere.

Admittedly, there are few and far between organizations that are ready for large or even catastrophic earthquakes. Eventually there’ll be one on the West Coast. It could be in California or elsewhere. Either way, the devastation will go way beyond anything we have seen in the last 100 years of natural disasters in the United States. It will be a many-hundred-billion-dollar event — if it is big enough.

Property and casualty insurers must be prepared to mitigate risk when earthquakes happen, while also ensuring they have the resources to process and adjust an inundation of claims, Sentry Claims Group’s President Steven Steckler said.

“This country needs to be better prepared for earthquakes, and insurers need to be ready to help Americans rebuild,” said Steckler.

Sentry Claims Group, located Lafayette, La., is the leader in providing independent property and casualty claims adjusting services for both catastrophic events and daily claims. Founded in 2014 and led by insurance industry veterans including President Steven Steckler, SCG is built on the core values of best-in-class service, immediate action and unwavering reassurance, and is committed to helping communities and businesses rebuild their lives in the wake of natural disasters. For more information about Sentry Claims Group, visit www.scgadjusters.com.

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