Client in the News: Spohn featured in RealITQuik on Employees Posing a Bigger Risk to Cybersecurity Than Hackers

Starting to Look Within

JoTo PR client, Spohn, was featured in RealItQuik in an article penned by Senior Security Consultant, Timothy Crosby called Employees Pose Bigger Threat to Cybersecurity Than Hackers.

As the world becomes increasingly dependent on technology, the potential for data theft or system shutdown from a breach in cybersecurity looms large. IT professionals and law enforcement teams are scrambling to keep up with cyber criminals who are utilizing the latest sophisticated methodologies. Over the past year, 32% of businesses have been victims of a major cyber-attack. Each year, the corporate world loses $388 billion dealing with, and recovering from, breaches in cybersecurity. The amount spent on remediating computer viruses alone has reached about $55 billion per year. While cyber criminals receive a lot of attention and generate splashy headlines, the threat coming from within an organization – whether malicious or not – may be greater.


According to cybersecurity experts, 90% of outside cyber-attacks occur because an employee unwittingly provides their access credentials to hackers. Cyber criminals take advantage of insiders who are unaware of phishing techniques, often through forms on fake websites or links infected with malware, to steal a company’s sensitive information.

Spohn Consulting, Inc., an Austin, Texas-based, privately-held company established in 1998 by Darren L. Spohn, is an authority in navigating fortune 500 companies and medium to small businesses through security business challenges of the 21st century. Spohn Consulting works with organizations to assess their information security posture (the security status of an enterprise’s networks, information, and systems based on Identification and Authorization resources, e.g., people, hardware, software, policies, and capabilities in place to manage the defense of the enterprise and to react as the situation changes), offer customized instructor-led training, and sell telecom services. Utilizing varied scopes of engagement, they deliver recommendations which can be measured against best practice or compliance standards.

RealITQuik offers a platform for IT professionals and decision-makers to stay connected with the latest developments in the tech world, and follow hot topics and trends. Offers a comprehensive mix of factual news, research-driven insights and inferences on the industry, allowing IT managers to get unbiased and holistic coverage of the business and technology space, and contribute to better decision-making and the buying cycle process.

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