Client in the News: Randy Young, CEO of ArcDesign, Discusses how Coastal Residents with Older Homes Face Higher Expenses



Many Americans Misinformed and Unprepared for Massive Flooding

JoTo PR client, ArcDesign, was featured in a Curbed article titled How Federal Flood Policy Is, and Isn’t, Addressing Climate Change Today.

The front line of climate change policy isn’t new proposals for wind energy, mass transit, or the Green New Deal: it’s how we deal with, plan, and pay for catastrophic flooding exacerbated by changing weather patterns.

Before a massive storm takes place, two long-running federal programs are supposed to help Americans prepare: the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The National Flood Insurance Program is a federally guaranteed program that protects homeowners during storms and provides assurance they’ll have the resources to repair their homes if weather turns toward the worst. Flood maps provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency update homeowners every five years to determine which areas are under threat.

The NFIP is both taken for granted and relied upon too much. Many homeowners ignore the requirement to buy insurance through the NFIP—and the government does little to enforce the mandate. “There are about 40 million Americans that should have flood insurance and don’t,” says Randy Young, CEO of ArcDesign, and an expert in flooding and rebuilding. “The older homes are the real problems, and the real expenses. They’ll stay there until they’re damaged, until someone tears it up to build a new home, or they’re lifted above the floodplain”

ArcDesign, headquartered in Clearwater, Fl has been providing custom home design, renovations and permit designs for residents and contractors since 2003. With an unrelenting commitment to quality, they have been awarded the prestigious Best in Houzz Service Award six years running. Influenced by a multitude of 5-star reviews, clients often refer to ArcDesign as the home designers that people recommend. They excel in designs and permit drawings for new homes, additions, remodeling and rebuilding. ArcDesign also specializes in designs and plans for raising houses in flood zones to protect the homes from flooding. For more information visit: https://www.arcdesign7.net   

Curbed covers national real estate, architecture, interior design, home technology, renovations and shelter-related media.

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