Client in the News: Radio show interviews Vintqiue Flea on Business Talk-Show

The Difference Between Millennials & Baby Boomer Shoppers

JoTo PR Client, Vintique Flea owner Karen Underwood, was interviewed on popular radio show The Price of Business hosted by Kevin Price. The interview was uploaded here.

While promoting their next event in Houston, Texas, Karen Underwood spent some time on Kevin Price’s radio show to talk about the difference between Millennials and Baby Boomers. Where Baby Boomers spent money on buying sets of dishes, furniture, house-hold items, Millennials favor a more varied approach. Millennials would rather buy a mix of different items to further express themselves and don’t care for a united look with their household items. Underwood also went into a small discussion talking about how antiques are growing in popularity for their uniqueness and strength and mass-produced items now break so quickly.

Vintique Flea is known as the most “hip” curated indoor marketplace of mid-century modern and repurposed furniture, vintage clothing, architectural salvage, and unique artisan décor finds in Houston, Texas. Co-founder Karen Underwood married vintage furniture and accessories with artistic flea market finds, as creative as the term “Vintique Flea,” which her partner coined. Its three annual events, held in the Silver Street Studios in the heart of Houston’s Arts District, are a draw for patrons of all ages, interior designers and dealers from across the region.

The Price of Business features interviews with personalities relevant in the world of business nationwide such as bestselling authors, industry leaders, politicians, and business experts.

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