Client in the News: Quadrant Questions Amazon’s New Endeavors & Its Effect On the Insurance Market.


detroit FRee Press

Will Amazon Bring Up Insurance Rates?

JoTo PR Client, Quadrant Information Systems, was featured in the Detroit Free Press article on the effects of the insurance market due to Amazon and Wal-Mart’s new delivery methods. This article was called Will Amazon Delivery App Raise Home Insurance Rates?

Technology is always advancing and currently at a rate that is faster than ever before. Amazon and Wal-Mart are testing software for Smart-Locks which would allow homeowners to place them on their doors and let the big-chain retailers deliver goods into their homes, and even into their refrigerator. This raises questions of liability among home insurers.

Quadrant CEO, Michael Macauley, had this to say: “In any of those situations, will Amazon be held liable or will the homeowner be at fault?Amazon Key is still in the early stages — there are so many questions surrounding liability if a problem were to occur during delivery.”

Quadrant Information Services, headquartered in Pleasanton, CA, provides pricing analytics solutions for property and casualty insurance companies. Quadrant gives actuary, product development, pricing, sales and marketing personnel at its client companies—which include all the major insurance carriers in the United States—the data they need to make accurate, data-driven decisions. An industry innovator since its founding in 1991, Quadrant has provided the P&C insurance field with a long series of technological advances, including InsureWatch, the industry’s first cloud-based pricing tool, which allows the user to produce unlimited combinations of reports with the click of a mouse. For more information, and to learn why Quadrant is for insurance companies that are tired of losing the right customers and winning the wrong ones.

The Detroit Free Press was founded in 1831 as the weekly Democratic Free Press and Michigan Intelligencer, the publication is one of the largest daily newspapers in the country. It has won eight Pulitzer Prizes. Coverage includes business, automotive, consumer, health and technology. Articles consist of news and trend stories, product announcements and reviews, case studies, company profiles, personality profiles and interviews.

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