Client in the News: Practice Management Institute Talks About E-Leaning for Non-Clinical Healthcare Staff

Client in the News: Practice Management Institute Talks About E-Leaning for Non-Clinical Healthcare Staff

Still an Important Piece to the Puzzle

JoTo PR Client, Practice Management Institute, was featured in an article in Training Industry called Comparing E-Learning and In-Person Training For Non-Clinical Staff

In a field as technical as healthcare, years and year on training before work and on-the-job training must be completed to become efficient at one’s job in the field of health. Where Clinical staff are seen to be given the best training available, non-clinical healthcare staff- billing professionals, medical coders and practice managers- are not given the same treatment.

Every single employee in the healthcare world has a direct or indirect effect on the health and outcome of every patience- even down to the janitor. Healthcare professionals are speaking towards equal training across all fields in the world of healthcare so a better service can be provided.

David Womack, CEO of Practice Management Institute, said: “Health care reimbursement…is probably one of the most difficult financial transactions that takes place in America today.” If the employees in charge of these transactions aren’t trained effectively, how will their organizations continue to operate?

For more than 30 years, Practice Management Institute, also known as PMI, has helped physicians, hospital systems, medical societies, and educational institutions provide comprehensive education and training to medical office staff nationwide. By offering a variety of educational programs and professional certifications, PMI helps to build competency, compliancy, and effectiveness that assures the continued success of their clients.

Since PMI’s formation in 1983, more than 20,000 individuals have earned certification in one more areas of expertise. PMI is recognized by both the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the Department of Labor for training in: medical coding, third-party billing, office management, and compliance. PMI training helps ease the burden of running a successful medical practice through thorough education and up-to-date training for non-clinical staff, allowing physicians to focus on patient care to improve the experience of the patient.

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