Client in the News: Power Knot Solution in Food Waste Recycling Turns Heads in Occupational Health & Safety Magazine

Large Producers of Waste Food Are Being Turned Away From Landfills as Municipalities and States Strive for Zero Waste, Find Value in Recycling.

JoTo PR client, Power Knot, was featured in a highly-targeted industry news article in Occupational Health & Safety entitled Why Are Corporations and Municipalities Moving to Zero Waste?

In a bylined article, Power Knot LLC president, Iain Milnes, discusses the movement under way in municipalities and states across the U.S. to reach zero waste. Municipalities and states are mandating that large producers of waste food must not send such waste to the landfill. The focus of these laws is on the organics because the administration understands that waste food has the largest impact on the environment and because large corporations are already striving for zero waste (and finding value in the waste they can recycle).

As the laws are taking effect, organizations are seeking solutions to their messiest problem: 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted annually worldwide and food composting – on the global level – is where the world is headed in its responsibility to forwarding the fight against global warming.

What is needed, though, is a solution for all commercial, industrial, and military producers of waste food as time winds down before these companies must comply. The food waste plight is a familiar one that helped spur the creation of the LFC (Liquid Food Composter), designed to digest up to 4,000 pounds of waste food per day and help businesses better understand and manage company resources while reducing waste.

“Power Knot provides safe and economically sound solutions for commercial, industrial and military customers globally seeking to reduce their carbon footprint by reducing the expense, inconvenience, and mess of disposing of food waste that would otherwise be hauled to a landfill where it would degrade into methane. Power Knot is proven and offers a payback period of typically less than two years.”

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