Client in the News: Paul Crowe, CEO of NuView Life Sciences, Sounds Off Regarding Air Force Fighter Pilots’ Alarming Prostate Cancer Rates


Screening Frequency is Questioned; Innovations Needed

JoTo PR client, NuView Life Sciences, was recently featured in an article in MHealth Times titled, Retired US Air Force Fighter Pilots Develop Prostate Cancer at Alarming Rates.

/mHealth-logoQuestions around the rise in cancers in former Air Force pilots are causing concerns about the role of cockpit radar and current cancer screening technologies used by the military. Those questions are elevating the need for new cancer detection processes to catch possible tumors sooner and with less invasive methods.

“These fighter pilots fought for our lives -we need to fight for theirs with confirmatory cancer tests,” said Paul Crowe, CEO of NuView Life Sciences. “Testing for all is extremely important, but this event especially draws attention to the overwhelming need to re-look at cancer screening within the healthcare industry today.”

According to a recent Veterans Affairs study, the number of unique prostate cancer cases in Air Force veterans skyrocketed between fiscal years 2000 and 2018 by 195 percent.1 While other data suggests that cases of prostate cancer were not significantly different between pilots and non-pilots, the logistics of pilot testing, including when, how often and the technologies used, remain a concern.


Founded in 2005, NuView Life Sciences is a biotechnology company located in Park City, Utah, working to improve the way cancer is diagnosed and treated in our modern healthcare system. NuView is focused on creating precision cancer diagnostics and therapeutics to improve patient outcomes while reducing healthcare costs through the development and clinical application of its exclusive peptide analog technology, NV-VPAC1. 


Led by a team of industry experts with decades of combined experience in healthcare and medical imaging technologies, NuView is poised to change how we look for and respond to cancer. To learn more about NuView Life Sciences, please visit https://nuviewlifesciences.com/ 


MHealth Times covers the latest in mobile communications applications in the healthcare industry.

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