Power Breakfast: Water’s edge

Updated: Monday, 20 Sep 2010, 2:45 PM EDT
Published : Monday, 20 Sep 2010, 6:53 AM EDT

Tom Curran

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Make no mistake about it; American shoppers love a bargain. From a purchase at the mall, to in most cases the highest price tag of anything we’ll ever buy: our home.

“Right now in the real estate industry everybody is looking for a deal, and that’s to be expected,” says property manager Grant Wood.

So, if a deal is what you want and high end luxury living was something you thought you would never enjoy, guess again. Welcome to Clearwater’s Water’s Edge!

One look at the stunning views from inside this condo palace and you might be saying “I’m home.” You might also wonder how it would be possible to afford any of this.

“We are right now offering units at 50% of what they were selling for in 2005. So a unit that was selling for just over a million dollars is now selling for $500,000,” says Wood.

Clothing designer Craig Taylor took advantage of the new pricing. He was unable to make a purchase because the original building owners went bankrupt over a year ago. Now that Concierge Asset Management has moved in as owner, the time to buy has never been better.

“We found someone who was willing to rent to us, and ever since, we’ve been impatiently waiting to be able to buy one of our own,” says Craig Taylor.

The 26-story building has seen 30 units quickly sell and they still have around 110 units to go. As the sales pace picks up so to does cooperation with other businesses in the Clearwater area; and, Galati Yacht Sales in one of them.

“When you look at water’s edge you look at waterfront lifestyle and anytime you have waterfront lifestyle and you have a facility like the docks here in Clearwater, brings a mutual client,” says Darren Plymale of Galati Yacht Sales.

So, many are hitching their wagon to Water’s Edge!