Client in the News: NuView Life Sciences Discusses Shortage of Treatment Materials in Health Leaders

A Shortage of Nuclear Materials Used in Tests and Treatment of Cancer Yields Varied Solutions

JoTo PR client, NuView Life Sciences, was featured in a highly-targeted industry news article in Health Leaders Media entitled How Radiologists are Handling the Nuclear Materials Shortage.

Technetium-99 has been used for decades by clinicians in private offices that have their own nuclear medicine cameras, as well as in hospitals. “Over the last 10 years, there [have] been intermittent shortages of the product that cause cancellations of patient procedures,” he says.” The solution used by some facilities is “lowering our doses slightly…you can maintain the same quality by slightly increasing the time of imaging.”

Technetium-99 is used between 70,000 and 80,000 times per day in U.S. healthcare, primarily as a cardiac perfusion imaging agent, says Paul Crowe, chairman and chief executive officer at NuView Life Sciences, based in Dallas.

“It actually shows how well the blo od is being moved through the heart, and it is a clinical assessment for the doctor to determine the cardiac output by ability of the muscle, and to help the physician diagnose a patient’s condition,” Crowe says.

“Founded in 2005, NuView Life Sciences is a biotechnology company located in Park City, Utah, working to reform the way cancer is diagnosed and treated in today’s healthcare system. NuView is focused on creating precision cancer diagnostics and therapeutics to improve patient outcomes—while reducing healthcare costs—through the development and clinical application of its exclusive peptide analog technology, NV-VPAC1.”

Health Leaders is a monthly online magazine written for senior executives with leading hospitals, health systems, health plans, physician organizations, and allied and ancillary service providers and provides in-depth, informed reports on the nation’s most innovative and entrepreneurial healthcare service organizations across the continuum of care.

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