world-magazineWhen utilized, publicity and PR are what generate third-party endorsements, which lend to establishing credibility.

At JoTo PR, we constantly reiterate the importance of positive publicity and PR in every industry. One JoTo client was recently featured in a publication talking about a hot topic: rehabilitation or incarceration for substance abusers? In an online article by World Magazine, which has a unique visitor count of over 160,000, Novus Medical Detox spoke out about the ever-changing legal tide when it comes to drug use – long-opposed to the idea, more and more conservatives are now embracing the measure of turning low-risk drug addicts away from prison and toward detox and rehabilitation centers.

Novus, a long-time advocate of rehabilitation over incarceration, said that the previous notion of blindly sentencing drug users to lengthy prison sentences is changing with the times – addicted individuals are no longer “street people” or “hard core addicts.” They are the housewife next door in suburbia who got addicted to pain killers after a surgery or the white collar professional that became addicted to opiates after a back injury – the face of drug addiction has changed:

A Midwestern soccer mom checked into the Novus Medical Detox Center near Tampa, Fla. Married to a successful businessman, she mothered two boys and sang in the church choir. More than a year earlier, she had back surgery and got hooked on the high-power painkillers prescribed to her. Once the prescription ran out, she went to other doctors and clinics for refills. Eventually, her addiction drove her to alcoholism and harder drugs, before she turned to the detox center (1).

This woman was one of many. According to Novus’ Executive Director, Kent Runyon, 76 percent of the patients at the facility last year developed addictions from prescription medications. The solution to ending substance addiction throughout the U.S., per Runyon, is safe and effective detox centers that are not only critical in ending the drug abuse epidemic, but are also the best option for anyone struggling with addiction.

Positive publicity, like what Novus received, denotes bottom-line success.  Publicity and PR lead to higher return on investment for your marketing dollars, lowered cost per lead and an augmented value for your business because you have good will.  It will also increase your credibility, your familiarity and it will make sales easier to close and that all affects your bottom-line success.

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