Client in the News: Novus Medical Detox Raises Red Flags in Digital Journal

RX Painkiller Users Now Outnumber Smokers in the U.S., as Novus Medical Detox Center Raises Red Flags in Digital Journal

JoTo PR Client, Novus Medical Detox, is featured in an article in Digital Journal entitled Use of Prescription Painkillers Surpasses Tobacco.

Relevancy is something people and companies strive for constantly. This article points out a surprising statistic that compares tobacco use in volume of usage with abuse of prescription painkillers. Digital Journal gave Medical Detox Centers the opportunity to be relevant with the 37,740 people who read the article and learned of their knowledge and solutions on all substance abuse problems; positioning them to be thought leaders in their industry.

digital-journal-logoA new trend exposes the use of prescription painkillers in the U.S.; the use of opioid-based medication now exceeds that of tobacco. This is based on a U.S. government-backed survey. According to analysis provided by Novus Medical Detox Centers, the number of users of prescription-only painkillers stands at just under 92 million adults in the U.S. This number now exceeds the users of tobacco products (at 75 million). The prescription painkiller market in the U.S. is worth $9.6 billion.

With these figures, there is not only a difference in users there is a changing trajectory: the use of tobacco products is falling while the use of prescription pain relieving medications is rising. Although data trends are not directly comparable (due to different sampling methodologies) the number of people who use prescription pain medications could have risen by as much as two million in a one year period (2014 data compared with 2015 figures).

“Novus Medical Detox Centers offer safe, effective alcohol and drug treatment programs known for minimizing the discomfort of withdrawal and customizing programs for each patient. They know how important it is to find a medical detox facility with proven results; where patients are always treated as individuals with dignity and respect in a non-judgmental environment.”

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