Client in the News: Novus Medical Detox Raises Eyebrows in The Fix

“Bathtub Chemists” Crank Out Drugs Mimicking Nature; and the DEA Can’t Keep Pace

JoTo PR Client, Novus Medical Detox, is featured in an article in The Fix entitled DEA Struggles to Keep Pace as “Bathtub Chemists” Create One New Synthetic Drug After Another.

This year, NMS Labs, a major private facility outside Philadelphia, has reported 105 overdose deaths related to the synthetic opioid U-47700, aka “Pink.” It is eight times the strength of heroin.

As of Monday, November 14, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) published in the Federal Register a Final Order to temporarily add Pink, in all forms — including ethers and salts — to Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act. The DEA is allowed to ban drugs for two to three years when there is reason to believe it is an immediate threat to public safety. With these figures, there is not only a difference in users there is a changing trajectory: the use of tobacco products is falling while the use of prescription pain relieving medications is rising. Although data trends are not directly comparable (due to different sampling methodologies) the number of people who use prescription pain medications could have risen by as much as two million in a one year period (2014 data compared with 2015 figures).

the-fix-logoKent Runyon of Novus Medical Detox Center sees promise in new state laws that will outlaw any drug that mimics an already illicit substance. “Banning broader classes of drugs is the only way to prevent manufacturers from skirting the law with constant reformulation,” he told me. “It also means law enforcement can charge and convict those who make and sell the drugs.”


Runyon believes a long-term solution will require coordinated efforts across multiple fronts; beyond new laws, he calls for public education and expanded access to drug treatment.

“Novus Medical Detox Centers offer safe, effective alcohol and drug treatment programs known for minimizing the discomfort of withdrawal and customizing programs for each patient. They know how important it is to find a medical detox facility with proven results; where patients are always treated as individuals with dignity and respect in a non-judgmental environment.”

The Fix is a monthly magazine focused on addiction and recovery, covering the latest news, tips and information on health, expert help, living sober and reviews of rehabilitation centers.

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