Client in the News: MountainTop Data’s Sky Cassidy Puts Dark Data in the Information Limelight


Dark Data Lurks in the Background of Companies’ Information Practices ─ Rarely Used but Never to be Deleted.

forbesJoTo PR client, Sky Cassidy of MountainTop Data, was featured in an article in Forbes Magazine titled, What You Need to Know About Dark Data.

The concept of dark data sounds ominous, even sinister. But it is very important in the technology world. “To make it more relatable, dark data is like all of the photos on your devices,” said Sky Cassidy, who is the CEO of MountainTop Data. “Most of them will never be used or even viewed again, but they are there. So as for dark data, it’s all the information companies collect in their regular business processes, don’t use, have no plans to use, but will never throw out. It’s web logs, visitor tracking data, surveillance footage, email correspondences from past employees, and so much more.”

Then what are some of the best practices with dark data? What can be done to get the most value from it? Well, a first step is to use data classification to get a sense of what companies are working with.

MountainTop Data, headquartered in Los Angeles, has provided data services for B2B marketing for almost two decades, including marketing lists, data cleaning, data appending, data maintenance and email campaign management services. With an unrelenting commitment to quality, it was the first company to guarantee the accuracy of its licensed data and business emails.  Its data services have been used by some of the world’s biggest brands across a multitude of industries, including multi-national telecommunication corporations, office technology companies, PR firms and more. For more information visit


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