Client in the News: Monica Eaton-Cardone featured in Entrepreneur on Women in the Tech Industry

entrepreneur The Tech World: Powered by Women

JoTo PR client, Monica Eaton-Cardone, was featured in the giant business publication Entrepreneur in a byline article about women in the Tech industry called 4 Keys to Bringing More Women Into the Tech Industry

There is a conversation to be had about gender equality in the workplace which is nothing new. Every business is trying to diversify to keep up with the social needs and responsibilities that modern-day companies are keen to practice.

Monica Eaton-Cardone, on the frontlines of the tech world with multiple tech companies under her belt, wrote about the subject of how to get more women inside the world of technology, which is staunchly male-driven of late.

Her main 4 points focused on:

  • Encourage diverse leadership.
  • Hold the door for others.
  • Encourage mentorship and self-advocacy in company culture.
  • Develop passion for tech early on.

Correcting for gender imbalances in tech won’t be an overnight fix, she says, but, if everyone plays their part — business leaders, women in tech and women looking to enter the industry — it will make the process much easier.

Monica Eaton-Cardone is an accomplished entrepreneur, speaker, author and industry thought leader who is internationally recognized for her expertise in risk management, chargeback mitigation, fraud prevention and merchant education. Eaton-Cardone found her calling as an entrepreneur when she sold her first business at the age of 19. She later became an eCommerce merchant; and after grappling with chargebacks and fraud, she took it upon herself to develop a comprehensive, robust solution that combined agile technologies and human insights. Today, Eaton-Cardone’s innovations are helping thousands of organizations achieve sustainable growth, and she continues to pioneer loss-prevention best practices as CIO of Global Risk Technologies and COO of Chargebacks911. Eaton-Cardone is a champion of women in IT and business leadership, and aims to inspire the next generation of young innovators through her nonprofit organization, Get Paid for Grades. Get to know her at

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