Drug Pricing Shouldn’t be Murky

JoTo PR client, LaMar Williams of MC-Rx, wrote a byline in a Onco’Zine titled, Transparency and Openness – A Must in the Murky World of Drug Pricing

Prescriptions. This word usually evokes a guttural reaction in consumers across the country; many people are left wondering if their insurance will cover their needed costs. As we head into another election cycle, voters across the country can be assured that health care and the cost of prescription drugs will be mentioned in television ads, campaign mailers to their homes, in debates and in stump speeches. Buckle up.

There is no doubt that working to lower the costs of prescription drugs is necessary. Everyone has heard the personal stories or seen the fundraising websites after tragedy strikes and medical costs spiral out of control. The overall issue, however, is an extremely complex one, which is one reason it has been topic of campaign discussions in the past and will likely continue to be in the future.

There is one major problem at the root of the issue–experts in the field cannot agree on how to measure drug prices. Are they rising or are they falling? If they are going in either direction, at what rate are they moving? This is due, in part, to a lack of a single, comprehensive look at what everyone pays – including insurers, the government, and yes, consumers. Combined with rebates, side-deals and other discounts, along with adding generics into the mix, the prescription drug price picture is as clear as mud.

MC-Rx is a full-service Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) with corporate offices in Gainesville, Georgia and Caguas, Puerto Rico, with focuses on transparency, best-in-class service, and offering clients “lowest net cost.” MC-Rx was formed by combining two URAC certified world class PBM’s – ProCare Pharmacy Benefit Manager and mc-21. The ProCare companies were founded in 1988 with the vision of providing innovative computer software systems and services to various sectors of the healthcare industry. ProCare processed their first pharmacy claim in 1994 using their proprietary, internally developed and managed systems, and expanded in 1998 to full-service pharmacy benefit management through the acquisition of NextGen PBM. Today, the ProCare companies also includes two affiliated mail-order and specialty pharmacies, ProCare PharmacyCare, and are one of only four PBM providers that own all of their component systems. MC-Rx now provides comprehensive, industry-leading service to clients in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Visit http://www.mc-rx.com/

Onco’Zine is an online publication informs and supports physicians treating cancer patients through daily reports on current research and development in oncology and hematology.

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