Client in the News: Karla Jo Helms, CEO for JOTO PR, Emphasizes the Influence PR has on Businesses Sustaining Long-Term Goodwill

Client in the News: Karla Jo Helms, CEO for JOTO PR, Emphasizes the Influence PR has on Businesses Sustaining Long-Term Goodwill

Cultivating Third-Party Credibility through PR Reduces Severity of Crisis Management Scenarios

Karla Jo Helms, CEO for JoTo PR, was a co-host of the If You Market Podcast, #25: You Want The PR? You Can’t Handle The PR!!! with Karla Jo Helms.

Helms, an alumni of crisis management, chatted with host Sky Cassidy on hot button topics within public relations: B2B PR, fake news, information overload, how PR is measured and how it can set the stage for sales, ROI and marketing. “You have companies today, especially B2B, that are seeing the insatiable demand for news… but they have a lot of misconceptions about how the way PR has been done in the past,” Helms said.

“Businesses today are becoming more aware that news and information and third-party credibility affects people’s decisions way before they start to even consider being affected by marketing or buying.” Per Helms, companies building a brand through PR won’t pressure them to use it for crisis management in the long run. “By statistics, that is proven true, crises can be mitigated much faster if you have a great foundation of goodwill.”

After doing marketing research on a cross-section majority of 5,000 CEOs of fast-growth trajectory companies and finding out exactly how they used PR, how they measured it and how they wanted the PR industry to be different, PR veteran and innovator Karla Jo Helms created JoTo PR and established its entire business model on those findings. Helms is the Chief Evangelist and Anti-PR Strategist for JoTo PR. Experienced in crisis management, she learned firsthand how unforgiving business can be when millions of dollars are on the line—and how the control of public opinion determines whether one company is happily chosen, or another is brutally rejected. Astute in recognizing industry changes since its launch in 2009, JoTo PR’s team utilizes newly established patterns to create timely PR campaigns comprising both traditional and proven digital media methods. This unique skill enables them to increase market share and improve return on investment (ROI) for their clients—beating usual industry standards. For more information, visit https://jotopr.com.

If You Market is a conversation on B2B marketing with industry experts and thought leaders. Topics include content marketing, account-based marketing, social media, leveraging data, Marketing Technology and branding.

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