Client in the News: Innopiphany’s Dr. Lisa Kennedy Makes Herself Available to the World to Speak on COVID-19’s impact on the Economy

Client in the News: Innopiphany’s Dr. Lisa Kennedy Makes Herself Available to the World to Speak on COVID-19’s impact on the Economy

What’s It About?

JoTo PR Disruptor client Dr. Lisa Kennedy of Innopiphany, made herself available on reddit.com to answer a range of questions on the economy including the current state and possible futures for various industries. Her Ask Me Anything session is available online.

Answering a forum member’s question on the stimulus package, Dr. Kennedy said, “…here is the way government stimulus could help. Affected business like hotel chains and those in tourism are just seeing all their bookings wiped out in days. But they still have rent to pay, debt to service and salaries for those who work for them. What is also important is that in these types of environments, both big and small businesses need cash to get through this crisis but liquidity – as ability to borrow starts to dry up – it’s hard to get a loan in this environment. This is why the government stimulus package is so important.”

Why You Should Pay Attention

Dr. Kennedy, expert economist, provided guidance and information a whole host of topics where she has expertise. She used data and a sober, balanced outlook of the effects the federal government’s stimulus package could have on the economy. She also dispelled a number of fears and rumors including food supply shortages and COVID-19 containment using data and professional experience.

This wealth of information is an amazing example of how one person can over a single hour on a forum can reach multitudes of people, from other business leader to journalists from multiple industries. For Dr. Kennedy and her company Innopiphany, they put a face of thought leadership to their names. These same business leaders and journalists have seen a source they can rely on for expertise.

Innopiphany found a way to help. What about you?

About Dr. Lisa Kennedy:

Dr. Lisa Kennedy, Managing Principal & Chief Economist, Innopiphany, has 17 years’ experience working in health economic and policy consulting and a further 9 years working in corporations.  She specializes in strategy, health economics, outcomes research, market access and macroeconomic health system analysis. She has spoken over 100 times internationally on healthcare open innovation, crowdsourcing, disruptive growth, affordability, eHealth, health policy, ambient intelligence and quantified self, including for NASA, the NHS, the EU, SXSW, FutureMed and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), most recently keynoting for HIMSS 2015, MEA.  The Wall Street Journal and National Public Radio have quoted Dr. Kennedy on future healthcare trends in consumer health. Listen to Dr. Kennedy her being interviewed as one of The Most Inspiring Leaders in Healthcare podcast. 

Reddit.com is home to 130K+ communities, covering what’s hot, new and controversial.  Every day, millions of people around the world post, vote, and comment in communities organized around their interests,

Are you getting your story out into the world and to the people who need to hear it?

Dr. Lisa Kennedy had so much expertise to share that media stories alone wouldn’t be enough. We found a solution in Reddit.com’s Ask Me Anything. She was able to answer an amazing amount questions that journalists, business owners and so many others had in a single session, making herself a reliable source on many subjects people will return to again and again.

You’re working on solving problems to keep your business moving along. The solutions you innovate can in turn better others’ situations – it’s time to get your word out.

Take the lead – tell the world that you’re the problem solver people can to turn to during and after the COVID-19 crisis. JoTo PR Disruptors has the means to get your solutions—and you—seen and heard. Let’s get started.

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