What’s It About?

JOTO PR Disruptors client Impact4Health provided an article for 360 Magazine titled, “The Importance of Education for Advancing Healthcare Equity”, which can be read in its entirety here.

Impact4Health’s president and CEO Dr. Maria Hernandez wrote a byline that shed light on the problem of health inequities with our health care system. She describes health inequities as the differences in health outcomes that are caused by unfair circumstances or factors that differences populations experience. Such factors can include less access health care, poor food quality, unstable living conditions, and racism. She points to research that shows both unconscious and systemic bias and lack of cultural knowledge cause but offers educating healthcare professionals about these causes of inequities as a solution.

Covid-19 worsened the impact of these root problems, particularly in the Black and Latino populations, where a high percentage of both are part of the frontline essential workforce. Additional factors contributed to a mortality of Blacks and Latinos of 2.8 times that of whites included crowded living conditions, the inability to perform their jobs remotely, more difficulty in securing personal protective equipment. Dr. Hernandez goes on the address steps both healthcare provider and patients can take to further push of health equity.


Why You Should Pay Attention

Dr. Maria Hernandez holds a doctorate in community psychology from the University of Texas at Austin and is an American Psychological Association Minority Fellow and Danforth Fellow. She has lead diversity and inclusion initiatives and executive education programs aimed at creating a culture of inclusion in several sectors.

With her article in 360 Magazine, a monthly online publication that covers a variety of topics including health issues, was able to establish herself as a leading authority in the health equity field to a sizable audience. She earned an overall exposure potential of about 110,000 unique monthly website visits from a racially and culturally diverse audience.

Impact4Health produced a large amount of publicity with a single article addressed a health issue that directly affects her target audience. Furthermore, Dr. Hernandez recently designed the InclusionSCORECARD™ for Population Health to assist hospital systems and public health agencies aiming to meet the needs of increasingly diverse patient populations.


Impact4Health found a way to help. What about you?


About Impact4Health

Impact4Health is a multidisciplinary team of community psychologists, public health researchers, physicians and health educators who promote health equity, working in partnership with hospitals, public health departments, and healthcare insurance providers. Strategies employed include training in cross-cultural health, inclusive leadership, and implementing the Inclusion Scorecard for Population Health. For more information, please visit us as www.Impact4Health.com.


About 360 Magazine

360 is an edgy fashion, lifestyle and culture magazine. We will introduce cutting-edge brands, entities and trends to tastemakers within their respective communities. Our founding members have over 30 years of collective experience both as notable talent and uber professionals within the realm of fashion, music, art, design and entertainment. We are more than just a magazine comprised of journalists, representing a movement of social awareness and change.


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