Client in the News: HireBox CEO Patrick Valtin Stresses the Importance of I-9 Compliance for Small Businesses

Client in the News: HireBox CEO Patrick Valtin Stresses the Importance of I-9 Compliance for Small Businesses

What Small Businesses can do to Protect Themselves from I-9 Related Penalties


JoTo PR Client and HireBox CEO Patrick Valtin, wrote an article in Entrepreneur titled, Are You in Compliance With the Revised Form I-9? Violations Pose a Threat to Your Business.

Small business owners know that a primary condition for expansion is their ability to attract and select great talent. But what many of them might ignore is that lack of compliance with the federal government employment verification form — the I-9 — could represent a serious threat to their business’ profitability and, worse, its survival.

Valtin lists what small businesses can do to avoid I-9 related penalties. Section 1 of I-9 must be completed by each employee at “the time of hire,” defined as the period of time after the job offer has been accepted and before the end of the employee’s first day of active employment. Section 2 must be completed within three business days of the date of hire. The instruction document and List of Acceptable Documents (page 3 of the Form I-9) should be made available to employees at the time they complete Section 1 of the form.

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