Client in the News: HEATH ATLAST’S Stephanie Higashi, DC, On the opioid epidemic “national emergency” in Managed Healthcare Executive

Managing the Epidemic.

JoTo PR Client, Health ATLAST, was featured in an article from, Managed Healthcare Executive titled, Seven Things to Know About Express Scripts’ Plan to Limit Opioids. Dr. Stephanie Higashi provided her expertise on the matter of the opioid epidemic.

Following President Trump’s declaration of the opioid epidemic being a “national emergency,” Express Scripts, the nation’s largest pharmacy benefit managers, has produced a new opioid management system that will limit the strength of opioid drugs to first-time patients.

With the CDC stating that the leading cause of accidental death in the USA being drug overdose with almost half being connected to pain-relievers, there is definitely a problem here.

Managed Healthcare Executive put together a piece with some key opinion leaders in the world of healthcare and Dr. Higashi was one of those who commented on the story.

“Patients rely on doctors and doctors often rely upon the expertise of the pharmacists to help limit the deleterious effects of opioid prescriptive medication, which includes gastrointestinal [GI] bleeds, strokes, overdose death and risk of addiction,” she said. “Preventing these effects is cost saving and lifesaving. The cost of a lifetime of GI problems, overdoses or addiction is too costly to simply ignore and allow it all to continue.

Higashi hopes that these limitations will also open minds of doctors to provide patients other alternatives to pain management such as therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage and nutrition as real solutions without the risk of addiction.

 “After seeing many patients placed on multiple medications by numerous providers without much coordination, Health Atlast founders Stephanie and Wayne Higashi, both doctors of chiropractic, found a need to create a multi-disciplinary approach to healing where doctors work together as one to optimize a patient’s health. This wellness approach was found to be the best for patients.

Health ATLAST is the first in the WORLD multi-disciplinary Health Care Franchise, founded by practicing Chiropractors. Their mission is to bring the best of all worlds to patients and uniting doctors to be successful.”

Managed Healthcare Executive is designed for the advancement of healthcare cost-containment and quality improvement. Offers insight to healthcare providers, executive officers and management specialists. Reports on the trends within all fields of healthcare, including dermatology, urology, plastic surgery and ophthalmology, as well as FDA updates.

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