Client in the News: Health.com asks Innopiphany principal Mahmoud Loghman-Adham, MD about the possibilities of becoming infected by COVID-19 twice.

Client in the News: Health.com asks Innopiphany principal Mahmoud Loghman-Adham, MD about the possibilities of becoming infected by COVID-19 twice.

What’s It About?

JOTO PR Disruptors client Mahmoud Loghman-Adham of Innopiphany was interviewed by Health.com, detailing the science behind the uncertainty on how COVID-19 infections work and the work she and her peers are doing. The article can be found online here.

Dr. Loghman-Adham providing several expert observations on the subject of COVID-19 such as the incidences of second infections in some patients who had previously tested negative after their initial infections. She also cited the science behind the mechanics of viral infections and the human immune systems response through antibody production, thereby preventing a second infection from the same virus. She goes on to detail testing procedures, including some of the disadvantages of the current process, as well as the potential for a new type of testing that may shorten the process and reduce the possibility of those doing the testing from exposure to a dangerous virus. But Dr. Loghman-Adham provides reassurance. “Based on all that we know so far, once you have the COVID-19 infection, you can’t get it again. But there are always exceptions.” she said.

Why You Should Pay Attention

Dr. Loghman-Adham is a medical doctor with extensive knowledge regarding infectious disease and medical testing technologies. She provided detailed, evidence-based information on how viral infections work and how the human body will develop natural immunity following infection. She also provided useful information about testing and the progress being made in improving their speed and safety.

In just one interview, he reached an audience of nearly 4.5 million unique visits monthly from medical and medical technology professionals. Dr. Loghman Adham and his company, Innopiphany, were showcased as an industry thought leader at the forefront of immunology and vaccine development. 

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About Innopiphany

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Innopiphany is a Life Sciences consulting firm which specializes in Market Strategy, Forecasting, Market Access, Health Economics Outcomes Research (HEOR), and Healthcare Policy. All services are supported by advanced analytics, including data mining, data blending, natural language processing, predictive analytics, and data visualizations. The company has generated $150 million in new healthcare business in 30 countries for its clients. Innopiphany has achieved 100 percent repeat business from its clients through its rapid, on-time project delivery. For more information, visit www.innopiphany.com. 

About Health.com

Health.com delivers medical content, insights from experts and real people, and breaking news in jargon-free language that puts health into context in peoples’ lives.

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Dr. Mahmoud Loghman-Adham was able to answer a number of important questions that journalists, business owners, and consumers are interested in within a single interview, making herself a dependable resource on a subject that much impact on the economy and their individual health.

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