Client in the News: Health ATLAST’s Stephanie Higashi, DC, On the FDA approval of EpiPen Rival in FormularyWatch.

Competition Breeds Excellence

JoTo PR Client, Health ATLAST, was featured in an article from, FormularyWatch  titled, “FDA approves EpiPen Rival”. Dr. Stephanie Higashi provided her expertise on the matter which has garnered much news in the EpiPen price hike.

To the relief of many, the FDA has approved epinephrine injection (Symjepi), a cheaper alternative to the EpiPen. Mylan, the producer of the EpiPen, made headlines last summer for raising the price on its medicine from $97 to $608 over the past 10 years. After backlash- a generic EpiPen was introduced.

Symjepi is slated to be listed at a lower price than even the generic EpiPen as well as being smaller.

For better or worse, whether you look at things half full or half empty we have a capitalistic society,” said Stephanie Higashi. “An open marketplace with competition and a society that thrives, drives on ‘opportunity’—the American Dream getting and being rich. There are balance sheets, shareholders, profit margins, overhead and many people working to find a way to make more money and profit. What does this have to do with an EpiPen? Well, Symjepi will likely be a lower cost option that’s more attainable.

“After seeing many patients placed on multiple medications by numerous providers without much coordination, Health ATLAST founders Stephanie and Wayne Higashi, both doctors of chiropractic, found a need to create a multi-disciplinary approach to healing where doctors work together as one to optimize a patient’s health. This wellness approach was found to be the best for patients.

Health ATLAST is the first in the WORLD multi-disciplinary Health Care Franchise, founded by practicing Chiropractors. Their mission is to bring the best of all worlds to patients and uniting doctors to be successful.”

Formulary Watch is a peer-reviewed journal for Formulary Committee members, including physicians, pharmacists, nurses, administrators, directors of managed care services, and other drug decision-makers at hospitals and in managed care settings.

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