Client in the News: HBW Questions the Answers to the Equifax Breach

356860LOGOJoTo PR Client, HBW Advisory Services President, Joe Bonanno, had a byline article featured in Benefits Pro article titled, Are more regulations the answer to the Equifax breach?

Massive news at the beginning of fall broke when one of the largest data breaches in history happened with Equifax. There has been a lot of finger pointing while trying to get to the bottom of the story. The political response has led to more regulations being applied but Bonanno warns that there might need to be more data before a knee-jerk response is given. Bonanno asks two simple questions: 1) Does the legislature understand the problem well enough and 2) Does the legislature understand the solution well enough to combat future problems?

Whatever the solution is, it needs to be air-tight and powerful. This type of breach is becoming too common in recent years and people’s financial livelihood is at stake. It is no small matter.

Established in 1991, HBW Partners is a multi-faceted financial services organization offering the resources of a large company, while focusing on the personal touch of a small firm. They partner with honest, caring and motivated individuals who desire the independence to run their own business, while emphasizing long term relationships that enable their advisors to provide many of the best possible outcomes for their clients.

HBW Partners empowers advisors with innovative products and optimal solutions to help their clients at every stage of life; whether it is professionally managed money, packaged products, tax planning, insurance, annuities or trusts.

Through partnerships with many significant providers across all aspects of the industry they have made available state- of- the- art technology such as facial recognition tools, financial planning software, client acquisition programs and business planning tools to enhance the client experience, manage risk and increase productivity.

Their motto is “Character and Quality Above All”. Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose with Trust is the basis for everything they do.

Benefits Pro, the website, targets professionals in the employee benefits industry including benefits brokers, benefits managers and retirement advisors.

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