Client in the News: Debbie Meyer, Co-CEO of Housewares America, Weighs in on Benefits of Washing Fruits and Vegetables


Are Consumers Safer When Fruits and Vegetables are Washed?

insideJoTo PR client, Debbie Meyer, was featured in an article in InsideHook titled, Does Rinsing Fruit and Vegetables Actually Do Anything?

When everyday habits are left unevaluated, it can easily spell bad news for the environment (single-use plastic) or personal wellness (poor posture). Information is king. It helps us live more thoughtful lives.Thus, for illumination on the world of fruits and faucets, the author reached out to a bevy of nutritionists and food safety professionals, to hear their thoughts on washing down our fruits and vegetables. They agreed, unilaterally, that washing is a good idea. But they added a bit of nuance to the topic, expounding on how fruit gets contaminated in the first place, and more effective methods for hosing it down before it heads to your mouth.

“You have no idea what is on that produce. There could be bacteria from the hands of people who handled it in the grocery store, there could be waxes, there could pesticides. When you cut into a piece of fruit, like a melon for example, you contaminate the entire fruit with whatever was on the surface. To reduce waste in my kitchen, I use cloth towels to wipe down fruit, and wash them in the laundry.”

Housewares America, Inc. was co-founded by Debbie and her husband, Neville Meyer, and operates successfully on a unique business model created by them. Housewares America markets the DEBBIE MEYER® line of products in all areas of consumer demand, including home-shopping networks, regular retail, catalogs TV and internet. The Debbie Meyer brand is highly successful in the United States, and Internationally. The newest advancement on the existing DEBBIE MEYER® consumer products in the marketplace is specifically formulated for commercial and industrial use, to be incorporated into packaging for the retail marketplace.Debbie Meyer Food FreshTechnologyTMis a ground breaking advancement in the science of keeping foods fresh longer, extending shelf life and reducing spoilage—extending usable life from field to table.The technologyis independent laboratory tested, conducted byNova Biologicals, Inc.(an FDA and EPA, GLP Microbiology Laboratory) for efficacy and proven to work as claimed.   

 Debbie, known as the “Home Problem Solver™ and The Original Green Lady™, is an inventor and entrepreneur and holds many patents. Her many successful products are a testament to her ability to identify with and meet the needs of millions of people. Visit her at https://www.debbiemeyer.com     

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