Client in the News: Darren Sadana of Choice Business Connections Discusses How Telehealth is Changing Healthcare


Technology is Bringing Healthcare to Our Fingertips and Laps Through Innovative Telehealth.

news max JoTo PR client, Choice Business Connections, was featured in a bylined article in Newsmax Finance titled, Telehealth Poised to Change the Face of Healthcare.

Fifteen or 20 years ago, the idea that we all would one day carry around mini-computers through which we could access virtually all recorded information — and use that same device to watch movies, listen to music or make a phone call — was incomprehensible. Look at us now: Our mobile devices changed everything.

Telehealth — a means for enhancing health care, public health, health education and support using telecommunications technologies — is positioned to have that same kind of impact on the health care and health-delivery industries worldwide.

In the U.S., a convergence of factors including escalating health care costs, an aging and therefore less healthy population and rapidly evolving technology has produced nearly unprecedented development in this field, with some forecasting an annual compound growth rate of 16.5 percent through 2023. The American Medical Association reported the results of an insurance industry study that found a 53 percent increase in telehealth services from 2016 to 2017 — and, importantly, a 2 percent decrease in emergency room services.

Choice Business Connections Inc. provides a wireless connectivity and management platform for IoT-based solutions providers in the consumer-facing, public, industrial, and infrastructural sectors. They were awarded Top 50 Smartest Companies of 2018 by the Silicon Review and Channel Vision’s Visionary Spotlight Awards for Top Innovation, Service Provider Enablement, and Enterprise Technology in 2019. With a business model based on ease of use and transparency, Choice Business Connections is dedicated to helping its customers deploy their solutions with maximum control and the lowest possible connectivity cost. For more information, please see www.choiceiot.com.


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