Client in the News: Condusiv Technologies CEO Jim D’Arezzo Advocates for Practical Application of Automation in Healthcare

Client in the News: Condusiv Technologies CEO Jim D’Arezzo Advocates for Practical Application of Automation in Healthcare

Access to Electronic Healthcare Records Favorable for Hospitals and Patients

JoTo PR Client, Condusiv Technologies, was featured in an article in HIT Infrastructure titled, Digital Transformation Promotes HIT Infrastructure Automation Adoption.

Advancing HIT infrastructure technology calls for organizations to use tools to help IT staff with mundane repetitive tasks so they can spend more time innovating and planning for the future. This drive for simplified management through advanced technology is prompting organizations to adopt HIT infrastructure automation. Automation performs processes without human assistance and is a pre-programmed set of rules that follows a command to complete the next steps of a task. The technology works on the premise of “If X, then Y.” When “X” happens, then “Y” is allowed to happen.

Automation follows pre-programed rules that are manually configured by IT staff. When corrections or improvements need to be made to an automated configuration, any changes need to be completed by a member of the staff. The changes do not happen automatically. The continued development and interest in advanced technology makes automation a critical consideration for health IT infrastructure. “The ability to have a historical health record, an electronic health record that can be shared across different environments, that’s a big boon to patients as well as to hospitals,” D’Arezzo said.

Condusiv Technologies is the world leader in software-only storage performance solutions for virtual and physical server environments, enabling systems to process more data in less time for faster application performance. Condusiv guarantees to solve the toughest application performance challenges with faster-than-new performance via V-locity® for virtual servers and Diskeeper® or SSDkeeper® for physical servers and PCs. With over 100 million licenses sold, Condusiv solutions are used by 90% of Fortune 1000 companies and almost three-quarters of Forbes Global 100 companies to increase business productivity and reduce data center costs while extending the life of existing hardware. Condusiv CEO Jim D’Arezzo has had a long and distinguished career in the high-tech arena. Condusiv was founded in 1981 by Craig Jensen as Executive Software. Over 37 years, he has taken the thought leadership in file system management and caching and transformed it into enterprise software. For more information, visit http://www.condusiv.com.

HIT Infrastructure is an online publisher that features latest news and exclusive interviews with subject-matters in the health payer industry.

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