Client in the News: Clickback Discusses Lead Generation on Price of Business Radio Show

Traditional Marketing Wisdom Modernized to Include Inbound AND Outbound for Lead Generation.    

the price of businessJoTo PR Client, Mitch Fanning, VP of Marketing at Clickback, was interviewed on air with  The Price of Business Radio Show  entitled Common Mistakes B2B Companies Make with Lead Generation.

A heavy stress on inbound marketing has been the trend since the mid-2000s, when the entire marketing world was on fire for inbound marketing and SEO became the buzzword of the day. Valuable content was created and used to attract organic visitors to web sites. It was even heralded that “outbound marketing and sales was dead.” But as we’re now seeing, the “inbound only” approach, without a balance of outbound marketing and sales to help stimulate it, has very limited value.

On air Mitch Fanning discussed the value of having both outbound and inbound marketing for lead generation to succeed.

“Founded in 1996, Clickback is a software as a service (SaaS) company that helps thousands of marketing and sales professionals solve their companies’ lead growth problems using Cloud-based B2B lead generation software products uniquely designed to accelerate lead growth. Clickback is one of the world’s first SaaS companies to offer email lead generation software to its customers that provides a safe and proven method of securing profitable B2B leads to mid-market and enterprise companies. Clickback has been able to identify over 300,000 leads for users, of Clickback WEB, which is software designed to identify unknown visitors who have come to a company’s website and then utilize them as leads.

In 2016, Clickback became one of the first email service providers to be 100% IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6) compliant to maximize deliverability for customers. IPv6 allows for 340 undecillion IP addresses, ensuring that there will be no shortage and that devices will be able to remain communicating with one another—imperative for compliant B2B marketers today.”

The Price of Business Radio Show is the longest running business show in Houston, Texas. It airs nationwide and is in 1/3 of homes around the country. The show features interviews with personalities relevant to US business such as industry leaders, politicians and business experts.

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