Client in the News: Chargebacks911 Featured in Retail TouchPoints

Client in the News: Chargebacks911 Featured in Retail TouchPoints - jotopr.comMeet Chargebacks911, a company who specializes in chargeback mitigation and dynamic loss prevention. Founded by merchants in direct response to rising chargebacks and friendly fraud, they combine insider expertise with proprietary technology and deep analytics to isolate threats, resolve disputes and maximize revenue. From small merchants to the nation’s largest retailers, today thousands of businesses rely on Chargeback911’s turnkey solutions.

What’s Up?
An article in Retail TouchPoints entitled Super Shoppers’ Demand Specific Payment Options

Retail TouchPoints is an online newsletter that provides in-depth analysis for retail executives seeking new media strategies designed to optimize customer experience across all channels.

Only 13% of the world’s consumers generate 62% of e-Commerce revenues, spending $372.5 billion from March 2015 to March 2016, according to a study from WorldPay. With such a small percentage of consumers accounting for such a large slice of online retail, merchants should certainly cater to these “Super-Shoppers” whenever possible. Payment methods are a good place to start, given that 52% of global Super-Shoppers and 72% of U.S. Super-Shoppers said they would abandon their purchase if their preferred form of payment is not accepted at checkout.

“Once you can capture the loyalty of these shoppers by giving them alternative payment methods, chances are they are going to buy more frequently using that particular vendor or method, just for the mere fact that it’s more convenient,” said Monica Eaton-Cardone, COO and Co-Founder of Chargebacks911. “They don’t have to type in their full credit card number and their address whenever they make a purchase. It’s one click or a password.”

This coverage in Retail TouchPoints is directly in line with the agency’s goal of expanding the Chargebacks911 CEO’s sphere of influence into a higher tier so that she can create positive change to the business world and its impact on society.  The CEO feels that customer service and branding are the most important aspects in protecting big retail stores.

Calculation (2,125 is the number of actual readers that read this article.) This online newsletter reaches 85,005 individual readers per month, each of whom has chosen it for its specific content and targeted audience. A win-win for all.

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