Client in the News: Brian Sallade of Kinsmen Group Deploys Digital Twin Technology to Offset Low-Cost Crude Oil

Client in the News: Brian Sallade of Kinsmen Group Deploys Digital Twin Technology to Offset Low-Cost Crude Oil

Digital Virtual Counterparts Enable Process, Control and Equipment Monitoring.

JoTo PR client Brian Sallade, CEO of Kinsmen Group, was featured in an article in mc.ai  titled, Artificial Intelligence Digital Twins Combat Low-Cost Crude – Supply and Demand Chain Executive.

The Dallas Federal Reserve predicts the oil and gas sector to cut capital spending by 15% in 2020, causing a surge of efficiency and overall industry consolidation by 2021. To combat this low-cost crude Brian Sallade, CEO at Kinsmen Group, continuously transforms major oil, gas, and utility companies through adaptation of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. Under the digital transformation umbrella, Digital Twin technology improves operational insights, saves customers money, and gains them a competitive edge. A digital twin is a virtual or digital representation of a physical asset, article, or manufacturing practice.

Digital Twin Technology Digital transformation can unlock approximately $1.6 trillion in value for oil and gas companies. “Digital Twins are a complete, 360-degree replica of a company’s physical assets, from pipelines, pumps, and gathering systems, to heat exchangers, turbines, and compressors,” concludes Sallade.

Kinsmen Group is a leading team of Engineering Information Management Specialists with a passion for applying innovation to prominent oil, gas, Tier I pharmaceutical, and utility companies. Their organization strives to deliver superior business results through excellence and pragmatism each time they partner with any business, revolutionizing each with wiser decision-making, risk reduction, safety improvement, and higher returns on their investments. 

 Kinsmen Group is ranked as the “Best of the Best Professional Service Organizations” by Service Performance Insight Research and among the “Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America” by Inc. Magazine. To learn more, contact Kinsmen Group at www.kinsmengroup.com

mc.ai is an online publication serving as aggregated news around artificial intelligence.

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