Client in the News: Advanced Training Systems CEO John Kearney Underlines Cost-Efficient Training Measures for Truckers


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Virtual Reality Simulates Harsh Roadway Conditions and Allows for Repetitive Learning Methods

JoTo PR Client, Advanced Training Systems, was presented in an article in DC Inno titled, How VR is Reshaping the Trucking Industry.

Nearly 41,000 truckers worked in Virginia and 23,000 in Maryland in 2017, according to the BLS, but that number is decreasing following low wage growth and a higher number of retirees. The average annual salary for a trucker is $42,780 in Virginia and $47,230 in Maryland. As the number of truck drivers continues to shrink, freight companies are scrambling to find replacements. According to a 2017 American Trucking Associations report, the U.S. trucking industry needs to replace nearly 90,000 drivers annually for the next decade. Tech giant Amazon and other e-commerce retailers are putting another strain on the trucking industry, CNBC reports.

“There are many things you cannot train in a real truck because if the individual has an accident, that’s going to be a very expensive problem,” CEO John Kearney said. Advanced Training Systems’ simulators cost between $60,000 and $100,000 apiece. Larger training schools have up to four simulators, while smaller schools may have two at most. “All of the costs that you normally incur in a truck will not be incurred when you use virtual reality,” Kearney said. “We’re reducing the costs of training and we’re dramatically improving on the training itself.”

Advanced Training Systems (ATS) is a high-tech simulator technology and engineering firm that has revolutionized the design and manufacture of advanced training systems to improve training and create safer drivers. ATS, the holder of multiple patents in high-tech training simulation, has as its mission to provide this cutting-edge adaptive training to all involved in the transportation industry at an affordable cost, resulting in safer drivers/operators. For more information, visit www.atstrainingsystems.com.

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