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Super Boat National ChampionshipClearwater, Florida – Clearwater is getting ready to host its first annual Super Boat National Championship. The city is hoping the race will generate some much needed revenue.

It’s been called “Nascar

on water” as some of the fastest power boats in the world like Miss Geico, reach speeds of up to 180 miles per hour.

“It’s going to be back and forth and we’re going to be trading a little paint and you’re going to see some big air, it’s going to be a perfect day for this” said, John Haggin, power boat racer.

Hopefully — a perfect day to rev up some revenue for the area.

Clearwater officials are expecting a crowd of around 40,000 people and if they hit that number the economic impact will be around $6 million, but not all local businesses will make money from this event.

“The people that are coming to special events are not spending money, they’re going to beach and sitting around which is wonderful the beach is for everyone, but they’re not spending money,” said Pamela Wozencraft, owner of Captain Memos boat rides on Clearwater Beach.

Bros pizza in downtown Clearwater is expecting its pies to be a hit and a boost in sales because of the race. “I expect business to increase by 30 percent and my deliveries will pick-up because there are a lot of people in the area,” said Oltian Ndreu, owner of Bros Pizzeria in Clearwater.

Organizers hope more people in the area means more money and maybe even some repeat business down the road.

The Super Boat Offshore National Championship Festival kicks off tomorrow. The races are on Sunday.
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