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Joto PR Case Studies - Chargebacks911Chargebacks911 grew organically out of the co-founder’s experiences in prior online businesses they created. They were faced with the challenge of fraudulent charge backs for card-not-present transactions that chipped away at their profitability. Chargebacks911 was founded to address that problem. It is designed to help merchants create sustainable business practices, especially for those businesses most susceptible to chargebacks.

The Challenge:

Chargeback fraud involves a complex relationship between the merchant, the merchant’s acquiring bank, the credit card issuing bank, the consumer and Chargebacks911, the dispute management company. How can Chargebacks911 become a major voice in the industry so that it not only gains clients, but can be a force of change in the credit card industry? Also, how can it make broadly known the fact that they innovated new and proprietary technology that is high effective at reducing a merchant’s fraud risk?

Media Exposure Metrics:

The Chargebacks911 campaign has gotten four media placements (articles, interviews, TV/radio segments) per average each month since its inception in 2013.

This has equated to an exposure aggregate of 269,747,523 unique views. (Per industry standard you can expect 2.5% (6,743,688 people) to have read your articles or have seen/listened your news clips.)

Recent Press:

  1. Mobile Payment Security Study Reveals Security Risks
    Mobile Marketing Watch
    Unique Visitors Per Month: 95,805
    DMA: National
    Frequency: Daily
  2. Mobile Payments Gaining Ground, But Hold on to Your Wallet
    Voice of America
    Unique Visitors Per Month: 8,515,076
    DMA: Washington, DC
    Frequency: Daily

The Results: 

Working closely with the owners and their company operations and marketing activities, JoTo PR crafted messages for each stakeholder in the credit card services that not only called attention to problems merchant services faced but also outlined cost effective solutions. At the same time, the good work Chargebacks911 was doing was broadly promoted and picked up by the media. These actions, linked to the ongoing activities of the company, resulted in Monica Eaton-Cardone becoming a widely acknowledge expert in card-not-present fraud risk and Chargebacks911 getting on the map in a big way.

  • Revenue and Company 3-Year Growth: 679%
  • 2014 Revenue: $15.7 M
  • Jobs Added: 320
“Karla Jo Helms and her firm JoTo PR has significantly helped us amplify our exposure, not just in numbers but more importantly in the quality and relevance of our messages.

“This is the kind of gain that helps build a stable future for Chargebacks911 and open windows of opportunity that were not possible before”  ~Monica Eaton-Cardone

About Global Risk Technologies and Chargebacks911:

Global Risk Technologies is most known for its role in payment processing solutions that cater to each side of the value chain: Chargebacks911.com and eConsumerservices.com. The firm is headquartered in Tampa Bay, Florida, with offices in Ireland and Atlanta. They have approximately 350 employees worldwide and currently manage over 200MM transactions worldwide each month.  Chargebacks911 is a division of Global Risk Technologies, and was developed specifically for merchants to offer immediate aid through proprietary technology and provide the necessary function that gives merchants the freedom to focus on their core competency and optimize their in-house skill set. Chargebacks911 focuses on chargeback mitigation and risk management. They specialize in servicing Internet merchants and acquiring banks, offering dispute response solutions and deep analytics. Chargebacks911 works with their client base to help them keep dispute rates down and retain their ability to accept credit cards. For more information, visit www.chargebacks911.com.

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