CEOs surveyed said PR is “Smoke and Mirrors,” but…


What’s the most flabbergasting thing to know about PR? Here it is…

There are measurable stages of PR ROI!

Said differently, PR is not a guessing game, as many PR firms know, but will never admit.

Most PR firms apply more art than science. Some research here, a photo op, one stellar media placement, and BOOM! you’re supposed to see dollars-and-cents results. Or at least, that’s what they want you to think.

PR firms often create an illusion that a lot of “paddling” is going on beneath the surface. The reality is, “above water,” not much changes. “We’re trying,” PR muckety-mucks will say. “But you just can’t make any guarantees when it comes to the public.”

They’re so wrong.

What’s right is a PR methodology that works every damn time. A methodology that succeeds based on facts and data: evolved from a proven approach that has produced results time and time again. This PR methodology. has emerged from the tooth-and-nails world of PR crisis management!

We’re the innovators of that PR methodology. We’re JOTO PR.

I am Karla Jo Helms, CEO of JOTO PR. I spearheaded a market research initiative on 5,000 fast-growth company CEO’s to find out their needs when it comes to the PR industry.

Here’s what CEOs said,
“It’s all smoke and mirrors.”
“I know I need PR, but I don’t know how to get anything out of it.”

I understand the frustrations of PR firsthand. And that’s why my official title at JoTo PR is Chief Evangelist and Anti-PR Strategist.

Hidden in all that market research was a new way forward to distinct and measurable stages of PR ROI. I am going to clue you in on the first two right now:


These life-cycle stages of a successful (Anti-) PR campaign are our guideposts for getting you results every time. Let’s start with Disruption.

DISRUPTION is what happens when the very best innovations gain such a foothold in a given market that the status quo is disrupted and new markets are created entirely. Think what happened with Uber – independently contracted transportation. Additionally, you’ve got Lyft, and companies like Airbnb disrupting the hotel industry in a similar way. If you’re a visionary, this is undoubtedly your goal.

But disruption is incredibly hard.

Markets don’t like to be disrupted. Often, it takes a lot of convincing to persuade consumers to try something new. That’s why you need that burden of proof, those positive media placements, and profitable associations, to generate goodwill so that your marketing will work. The key ingredient behind PR ROI is TRUST!

But what builds trust? PR applied correctly. That’s what JoTo PR does.

This brings us to EXPOSURE, the next stage of PR ROI that’s going to aid you in achieving your Disruption. Exposure is creating a memorable impact on your target market with your business’s story and aligning your business with industry leaders to generate maximum trust in your business.

At JOTO PR, our goal is not to get you that one marquee media placement that we can crow about (to other potential clients) while you’re not getting any other media placements. No, our strategy is constant exposure, so that the media placements create a ripple effect – the more you’ve had, the more you’re likely to get, and at that point, yes, your likelihood of getting a high-profile media placement does increase!

This strategy of hit after hit is what’s going to get the ball rolling on your ROI and your results. Because if you’re not seeing results, we’re not satisfied.

Is your interest piqued? Good – stay tuned for our next installment on Influence and Power where we finish giving you the rundown on what makes us unique – our “Anti-PR” process that actually gives our organization the full name “JoTo PR Disruptors.” Can’t wait? Learn more at jotopr.com

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