They’ve been here since before the advent of Social Media– the Internet troll. Even now of all times, as the news of COVID-19 sweeps the globe, there are individuals who find some personal satisfaction, perhaps... Read More
The news outlets are practically kicking down the door for experts to comment on stories, interviews and more. As Anti-PR Strategist of JOTO PR Disruptors, I can tell you that your opportunity to be seen, heard... Read More
You’d be surprised at the common misconception of what PR is, what it can do, and its power to bolster sales and produce ROI. By Karla Jo Helms Public Relations. You’ve seen it on TV, you’ve seen it promoted... Read More
Long live deception and the twisting of words…not. At one time there was clear differentiation between advertising and editorial. Then along came the advertorial or its modern day equivalent native advertising.... Read More
There’s an old saying in public relations — in PR perception is EVERYTHING. But when it comes down to it, what exactly is PR? What is that elusive everything? The term ‘public relations’ has become so... Read More
The content marketing industry will be expanding in 2014, with 71% of marketers increasing their content marketing investment in 2014, and 39% increasing spend on curation (1). However, many organizations will find... Read More

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