The #PRFail – Citibank’s Over-the-top “PR speak” press release gets called out

This is an oldie, but goodie. Layoffs are never good news. When it involves thousands of people, that’s really bad news. But trying to sugar-coat it as a good thing to your audience isn’t going to win public opinion over to your side—in fact it...
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#PRFAIL: There Are Some Jokes That Will Always Be “Too Soon”

Making light of a tragic event is nothing new. I mean, there’s plenty of jokes about the Titanic’s and Abraham Lincoln’s fates to go around. They may not be the most tasteful, but even amateur comedians understand what it means to “go too far”...
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#PRFAIL: Hey, Walmart – Ever Hear of Plus Size? Full Figured? Curvaceous?!

You know, sometimes you see a PR fail so dumb that you wonder if the person behind it even cared… or you smell sabotage. Case in point: Walmart and Halloween costumes. As with every year, the retail behemoth posted online a bevy of Halloween-themed...
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#PRFAIL: Sony’s PlayStation Portable and the 30-something “Kid Rapper”

Sony wanted to generate interest in their new portable gaming system, the PlayStation Portable (PSP) the electronics giant decided that rather than rely on utilize their positive reputation to help build excitement for what at the time was a huge leap...
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#PRFAIL: If Public Relations Is About Building Trust, Then What the Hell Was This?

There’s always been a lot of posturing and hyperbole in marketing. That’s to be excepted. But what is not expected, and certainly not cool – is outright lying.   So why did the clothing company The North Face think that replacing Wikipedia...
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