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Exposure: Client in the News

Client in the News: asks Innopiphany principal Mahmoud Loghman-Adham, MD about the possibilities of becoming infected by COVID-19 twice.

What’s It About? JOTO PR Disruptors client Mahmoud Loghman-Adham of Innopiphany was interviewed by, detailing the science behind the uncertainty on how COVID-19 infections work and the work [...]

Client in the News: Innopiphany’s Dr. Lisa Kennedy Makes Herself Available to the World to Speak on COVID-19’s impact on the Economy

What’s It About? JoTo PR Disruptor client Dr. Lisa Kennedy of Innopiphany, made herself available on to answer a range of questions on the economy including the current state and possible f [...]

Client in the News: Advanced Training Systems’ John Kearney addresses the need for the Trump administration to help the trucking industry

What’s It About? Joto PR Disruptors client John Kearney, president and CEO of Advanced Training Systems (ATS), was featured in an article on Benzinga titled, A Youth-Driven Approach To The Driver Shor [...]

COVID-19 Social Media Help: Taming the Trolls

They’ve been here since before the advent of Social Media– the Internet troll. Even now of all times, as the news of COVID-19 sweeps the globe, there are individuals who find some personal satisfactio [...]

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