Case Studies

Joto PR Case Studies - Nationwide Tile Clearing, J. Hillman Nationwide Title Clearing does business in a heavily regulated and scrutinized industry with government compliance issues bearing down on their clientele. In this environment, how do you stand out? Industry: Financial... Read More
PR Case Studies by JotoPR.com You’ve got a superior detox technology much needed in today’s epidemic of alcohol and prescription drug abuse.  You are getting phenomenal results – far superior to many competing solutions.  But in 7 years,... Read More
Case Study by JotoPR.com - Consumer Energy Solutions Founded in 1999, CES has been helping customers get the best rate for electricity and gas in deregulated markets. They provide their customers with enough information so that they can make an intelligent energy... Read More
PR Case Studies by JotoPR.com The Situation Stu Sjouwerman was launching a startup company, KnowBe4, within an industry that depends on confidence and trust and needed to obtain this type of credibility fast. The Solution JoTo PR created a press... Read More
PR Case Studies by JotoPR.com Introduction Outer appearances have become increasingly important today among both men and women. In their quest to improve what they believe to be surface imperfections, many Americans are turning to cosmetic procedures... Read More
PR Case Studies by JotoPR.com Introduction The importance of medical billing and collections cannot be overemphasized in an era where health reforms are changing the face of the health care industry in the United States. With the ever-increasing... Read More
PR Case Studies by JotoPR.com Introduction Vicki Buchanan, Midwest City physical therapy clinic, Regional Physical Therapy (RPT), treats patients with tailored, comprehensive physical therapy plans which are designed to fit individual needs.... Read More
PR Case Studies by JotoPR.com The Situation Tom Fleming had reached a point where he knew he needed to garner publicity using PR in order to reach the precise target public he needed for his organization. The Solution JoTo PR created an online... Read More
JotoPR Case Studies The Situation The 3rd Annual Clearwater Beach Restaurant Week is a newer event held just before a normal lull in tourism. The Solution JoTo PR created a press release strategy for The Clearwater Beach Chamber of... Read More

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