Who is NTC?

Founded in 1991, NTC is a privately-owned leading service provider to the mortgage and financial industry that performs research services and processes documents for the residential mortgage servicing industry. In addition to supporting lenders, servicers and investors, including eight of the top 10 residential mortgage servicers in the country, the company’s land records and document experts are able to track and fulfill county document requirements for close to 3,600 recording jurisdictions nationwide. NTC specializes in providing property reports, lien release and assignment services, final document tracking, document retrieval, imaging and other custom business solutions.


Based in Palm Harbor. Florida and founded in 1991, Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC) is a privately-owned leading service provider for the residential mortgage industry. Their mission is to deliver to mortgage lenders, servicers, and investors the highest level of accuracy in document processing and research services that protect homeowners, assists the mortgage banking industry, and preserves the nation’s land records.


Financial Services

While They Faced Challenges…

NTC is in a heavily regulated and scrutinized industry with government regulations and compliance issues overburdening their clientele. Under this kind of weight, it’s tough for any company to stand out. The challenge – how to position NTC as the trusted source for industry best practices and standards, thus helping the company to expand.

…There Were Solutions…

In coordination with the CEO of NTC, JoTo PR Disruptors created a PR and publicity strategy that used vital data from market research and aligned it with the company’s goals. This strategy was designed to empower NTC’s newly streamlined marketing campaign to reach a much greater level of response than it could have on its own.

The campaign crafted compelling messages and obtained NTC an average of two media placements (e.g. articles, interviews, and TV/radio segments) each month over a several-year period. More than 250,000 people have consumed NTC’s news stories.

The Outcome:

  • NTC’s clients now include eight of the top 10 residential mortgage services in the country.
  • NTC is now known for setting the industry standard for delivering the highest level of accuracy in research services and quality document processing.
  • NTC’s remarkable expansion is directly tied to them making their adherence to the highest standards known to the world.
  • NTC is now the largest release and assignments provider in the world.
  • Revenue and company 3-year growth: 80%
  • Revenue: $30.6 million
  • Jobs added: 80
  • Total employed: 450


  • Ranked on the Inc. 500/5000 list of fastest-growing companies in America four years in a row
  • Magazine’s Hire Power Award
  • Tampa Bay Times Top Workplaces
  • Fast50 Tampa Bay
  • Florida Fast 100

…and Nationwide Title Clearing Responded!

“Now I know PR is occurring (good or bad) whether or not you have an agency representing you. So you’d better have the real deal!” -NTC CEO

“JoTo PR puts you on the map…because REAL PR gets REAL RESULTS

“I was just lucky enough to pick the best that you could find – because of this one fact- what JoTo PR has successfully done is take a sometimes-arrogant CEO and schooled him on the necessity of real PR and what that means.

“Working with JoTo PR and learning from them was a huge revelation for me in my business – and date coincident with starting with them we have doubled as an organization, which was something I had not believed was possible in such a short amount of time.” ~J. Hillman, CEO of NTC

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