PR Case Study: Novus Medical Detox

You’ve got a superior detox technology much needed in today’s epidemic of alcohol and prescription drug abuse. You are getting phenomenal results- far superior to many competing solutions. But in 7 years, your marketing hasn’t gotten you recognized as a brand with your industry and those many potential clients don’t know enough about you to trust your services. What do you do?


Novus Medical DetoxNovus Medical Detox Center offers a unique and much needed tailored and natural program so drug and alcohol detox can occur in the safest and most comfortable way possible in a stress-free environment with caring, compassionate, and experienced staff. Unsupervised withdrawal is often painful and dangerous and has a high failure rate. But at Novus, patients often detox in less than a week and frequently leave in better health than when they first arrived.


Novus had been in business seven years, but they were still having trouble being recognized as a brand within their industry and were not able to differentiate themselves from their competitors, despite being a truly innovative practice and spending thousands of dollars in traditional and search engine marketing.

Novus needed to ramp up their income in order to expand their facility to 30 beds and eventually add more facilities. But they would not hit this target with their current marketing plan alone.


They decided to hire JoTo PR to create a Publicity and Public Relations communications strategy that would take them to the next level. It needed to do three things:

  • Make the rehab industry take notice and recognize them as a valid detox source for referrals.
  • Use third-party credibility via the press in order to post on their facility as an innovative expert in detox technology.
  • Increase willingness to listen to what Novus had to say with the end result of making those looking for medical detox more comfortable in doing business with them.

The Results:

  • 3-Year Growth: 97%
  • Revenue: $4. 7 M
  • Jobs Added: 26
  • In 15 months’ time, JoTo PR obtained nearly 750,000 media impressions for Novus online.
  • In addition, JoTo PR secured 30 media placements (TV news segments. print articles, Radio interviews) for Novus in such publications/shows as the Tampa Business Journal, Gulf Coast Business Review, Miami Herald, Bay News 9, Channel 10 WTSP and other industry outlets.
  • Through JoTo PR’s strategic communications plan, Novus realized an 18% higher ROI from their marketing dollars (including SEO).
  • They doubled the amount of visitors to their website by 100% (4000 to 8000 per week).
  • They doubled the number of beds to their facility (30 beds) reaching one of their major targets.
  • They expanded their facilities to a second, separate location and have plans for several more.
  • They emerged as a voice in their industry for best-practice medical detoxification.
  • They made key referral alliances in the rehabilitation industry. which flanks Nevus’s stabilization services and allows them to not only gain more patients but refer their patients to more trusted partners for continued care on the road to recovery.
  • And they moved out into a national spolight in the press via CNN, Healthline, HR Magazine, Workforce, Sirius XM Wharton College School of Business Radio and more, educating millions of people on the unfair stigma of drug detox and that the face of detox has changed.

The Novus Medical Detox contribution to the community legislation reform and the healthcare industry has been to raise awareness of the real face of RX drug abuse, promote the best-practice approach to drug withdrawal and show where and how standards need to be tightened in the healthcare field.

Novus continues to cast a strong spotlight on the “silent epidemic” of alcohol and prescription drug abuse that reaches into even the white-collar strata of contributing society. Their full-blown media exposure of this deadly issue has put Novus “on the map” as a respected voice of the detox industry and a trusted solution for those who want to move through withdrawal and get their lives back.

The only variable changed was adding JoTo PR to their marketing campaign.

BrynWesch“I don’t know what I would do without JoTo PR. Before we started doing press releases and social media we had about 4000 site visits a week… and within a year, despite all the Google algorithm changes that have affected many people, we have gone from 4000 visits per week to 8000 visits per week.

“I attribute that directly to the press releases, social media and building our brand because the direct visits have done up as well. It’s not just that I have raised in the search engine results, but it’s that people KNOW who I am and are looking for me… and finding me.

“That’s where the hidden value of PR is – there is no way to quantify the people that would never have known [Novus] without getting that message out, but I can tell you there wasn’t anything else we changed and those direct visits to the site more than doubled in a year’s time. Now we are able to expand like we want to.” -B. Wesch, CFO, Novus Medical

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