PR Case Study: Consumer Energy Solutions


Founded in 1999, CES has been helping customers get the best rate for electricity and gas in deregulated markets. They provide their customers with enough information so that they can make an intelligent energy buying decisions when it comes to energy and being cost efficient. Their purpose is to help businesses navigate energy savings and reduce their energy bills.



The Challenge:

The problems with CES were striving to overcome were being in a very competitive industry with very big players. CES’s goal with a PR campaign was to make energy efficiency made broadly well-known- enough to attract commercial property owners and business owners. They also wanted to set up an affiliate program for people to create more income by generating leads for CES.

Media Exposure Metrics:

The CES PR campaign got 1.5 media placements (articles, interviews, TV/radio segments) on average, each-and-every month since its inception. This equated to an exposure aggregate of 4,735,127 unique views and valuable website links pointing back to CES’ site driving, traffic to their website. (Per industry standard CES can expect 2.5% (118,628 people) to have read their articles or have seen/listened their news clips.) This exposure equated to overall new business and overall higher gross income.

The Results:

“JoTo PR lives up to their tagline, “We put you on the map.”

“For the last year, we have used JoTo services and have learned a great deal about OR. We have worked closely with the JoTo team to put the new CES LED Lighting department on the map.”

“As I write this, the Sales Manager for out LED Sales Department is at a Roller-skating Association Trade Show in St. Petersburg, Florida due to JoTo’s work! Only good things will happen from that.”

“JoTo’s service have definitely helped this area of our company take off. We literally have over a million dollars of possible sales in our LED pipeline!”

“I can Google Consumer Energy Solutions right now and see out latest press releases about our community involvement. Our level of community involvement is something we are proud of at CES.”

“Recently we have expanded the PR services to include press releases about our Community Betterment actions. These press releases have been picked up by media outlets all over! This is something we wanted because we believe that by setting a good example of corporate responsibility we can inspire other businesses to do the same.”

“There were many factors involved but I know that JoTo’s PR services contributed to the fact that this last June at CES we had our highest ever income month in the 18 years we have been in business.”

“The JoTo team is comprised of professionals who know their field and they were all very easy to work with.”

“PR is an often-neglected aspect of business. Yet it’s vital. PR sets the stage so your marketing efforts are accepted and you can make your products and services known.

“Then you get your sales, good delivery can occur and you have happy customers who will refer others and do business with you again. But it all actually starts with PR.”

-Patrick J. Clouden, CEO, Consumer Energy Solutions, Inc.

About Consumer Energy Solutions:

Headquartered in Clearwater, FL Consumer Energy Solutions, Inc. (CES) is one of the nation’s foremost full-service energy consulting companies, with over two million residential and 300,000 commercial customers across the United States and Canada, including many Fortune 500 companies. Founded in 1999 by Patrick J. Clouden, CES transitioned in 2004 from selling primarily to residential customers to selling primarily to businesses. The company’s long-standing relationship with the largest independent energy suppliers in the U.S., coupled with its unparalleled knowledge of the industry, give CES customers access to the most competitive electricity and natural gas rates available in their area. CES is dedicated to educating its customers about the choices available to them as energy Consumers, and to helping them, in a volatile energy market to balance short-term savings against long-term risk. The company’s mission is to assist its commercial clients in better managing their energy costs to add to their bottom line. CES is an industry leader in providing its clients with effective strategies and solutions to reduce energy costs.


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