“I suspect in most companies, the public relations person is down at No. 20 in the pecking order. But here, he is fighting incredibly important battles. If a negative story starts running away with itself in the press and is not dealt with fast, it can badly damage the brand, and so we put enormous weight on our PR people.”  —Richard Branson

Become A JoTo PR Disruptor

If you were to take the “mad” out of Madison Avenue and replaced it with a dynamic serenity, you just might find the culture of JoTo PR. This is not your average public relations company. JoTo PR is a new breed of organization – one that wisely takes on the heritage of the east, i.e. the calmness and tranquility and hitches it up to the dynamic uproar and strength of the west. This is a culture, which grapples with a problem and through proper research and investigation discovers a creative solution that proclaims success. In short, JoTo PR is a house of winners and their “take no prisoners” attitude extends into every project we do. There is no compromise when it comes to creating the exact precise effects for our clients.

Working at JoTo PR is as much privilege and honor as it is an ideal working environment. It is the habitat of creative individuals from all walks of marketing and public relations life. It is a team of writers, strategists, administrators, finance people, market research people, etc. who with their respective shoulders to the wheel are able to use their ingenuity and create huge effects.

This environment requires individuals who not only like and accept challenges but also demand them as part of their devotion to their job and their own lives. Pressure is high to succeed, yet the ambiance is anything but serious, consider it as one of intense fun.

The JoTo PR Team
JoTo PR is a team and like any team, its members work hard to support each other.
Look at one of JoTo PR’s elite team of public relations and marketing professionals has to say:

“This is the best team. We are coordinated at all times so each knows what the other one is doing. This is key since we work with stiff targets and deadlines and of course, we are in most cases ahead of time. I love my CEO; her precision, attention to detail, care for the clients is exceptional… her expectations from the Staff too. Leadership demands a lot, but generously reward good production. The Directors all push training of the Staff and trains themselves despite being highly knowledgeable in the field.

“We continue to make our delivery team even stronger and keep adding more Staff. This fast rate of expansion with maintaining the 100% standard delivery for the clients, with results guaranteed, requires teamwork. I think this is why our team is so strong. I love working at JoTo… every day is an adventure to get my targets done and help the team to get their targets done – ultimately creating winning clients!”

Continuing Education
There is one thing that really separates JoTo PR from other companies of their ilk. JoTo PR provides its staff with 12 hours per month of Continuing Education. In the media game, changes happen at a rapid pace, it is imperative for staff to not only keep up on current trends but also be able to predict future ones. The more CE received, the better, faster and more stable JoTo PR people are at their craft. Each team member is provided with a personalized training program that matches their current position with future career goals and provides them with exactly what they need to study to accomplish this.

For JoTo PR, it is a game – the stakes are high, but the reward is also high – more expansion for entrepreneurs and companies, better economic landscape and the increased ability to control the airwaves with messages of what our clients’ services and products can do to help millions. In the media landscape, tight deadlines are the norm; competition is extremely high – the first to the story, the better story, especially the NEW story that we create every day.

JoTo PR utilizes a system of advanced metrics to determine the success of each campaign for each client so that production is accurately measured for both the company and accountable team members. Successes and declines are thereby immediately spotted for strengthening or correcting.

If you believe in your abilities and have a proven record of accomplishment as a professional, JoTo PR just may be the venue for you to find ultimate success. Remember we want professionals who relish a challenge and utilize their creativity to solve problems. Entry-level positions require 1 year in public relations experience. We love seasoned pros with decades of experience too. Our application process may be stringent, but the rewards are appropriate. You will discover yourself working with a team of creative pros who think and work as you do. Now, that is a game worth playing!

JoTo PR Jobs
If you are interested in working for JoTo PR, you may send in your resume with an outstanding cover letter – and possibly even a video (hint hint) – as to why you want to work with the public relations and marketing elite.

Available positions:
• Administrative Assistant to the JOTO PR Executive Team
• Media Relations Specialist
• Media Relations Coordinator


“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some hire public relations officers.”

— Daniel J. Boorstin