Disco Fright NightSo we are headed to 4th Friday Clearwater’s Disco Fright Night for an evening of wicked 1970’s disco fun and we are dressing in full boogie-licious style! See you on the dance floor!

Disco hairstyles are as much a part of the disco era as platform shoes, leisure suits and Studio 54. A time of excess, the hairstyles during this time period were large and in charge. You could find both men and women taking care to really style and consider their hair.

One of the most popular disco hairstyles for both men and women was the afro. Often called “the fro,” it was common for people of all ages and backgrounds to allow their style to be all natural. The hairstyle was started by African Americans who let their hair grow out, but it was also adopted by other types of people. For those people who had straight hair, perms helped give people this look. This larger than life hairstyle was symbolic of the time period: disco balls, sequins and bell-bottomed jeans and suits were the norm. It only makes sense that men and women’s hair would be as big as possible.

Another popular hairstyle during this time was the feathered look. This was a popular hairstyle for men and women alike. Basically, men and women would have their hair cut into layers so that it looked as if their hair had a feather-type look to it. Folks had short feathered hair and they had longer feathered hairstyle. Once people had this hairstyle, they would then style it with round brushes and hair dryers to make it as big and elaborate as possible. The look would be finished with a healthy dose of hairspray to ensure it stayed throughout the day.

For men, another popular look during this time was to sport especially long and thick sideburns. Thus, along with large afros and feathered locks teased as large as possible, men also experimented with their facial hair. Thick mustaches became just as popular as thick sideburns and layered hair.

via life123.com