One of our purposes for having a PR firm is to to affect a change in the news for the better and a change in the way people are being manipulated by the news…for the better.  Moreover, it’s to help able people have less attention on the “noise” and upset, by putting their attention on the aspects of life that make things better  – through the correctuse of PR.In line wih that purpose is a great article that published in the Tampa Bay Business Journal today about one of our client’s, Water’s Edge, who is contrinuting to the greater “business” good of Downtown Clearwater.  Rock on Water’s Edge!CLEARWATER — A sales strategy that has sold all but a couple dozen condominium units at Signature Place in St. Petersburg is being tried in Clearwater at Water’s Edge.

But this time, it’s not downtown living that’s at stake in selling out a condo project. It’s downtown itself.
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