Business Network International West Central Florida (BNI® WCF) Members Average More Than $35,000 per Year in Referral-Based Business

Members of BNI WCF Exchanged More Than $57 Million in Business in Past 12 Months

By capitalizing on the advantages of referral-based marketing, Business Network International West Central Florida (BNI® WCF) gives members the opportunity to substantially boost their sales. Within the past 12 months, BNI WCF members exchanged 85,516 referrals that generated in $57,190,956 in business. That amounts to an average of $35,434 per year for each of the organization’s 1,614 members.

“Most people prefer to do business with individuals they know, like and trust. That’s why referral-based marketing is so effective,” stated Tom Fleming, Executive Director of Business Network International West Central Florida. “BNI WCF members have found that their referral network can prove to be a ‘money-making machine.’ A year or two ago, the average seat in our regional network was worth between $26,000 and $28,000 in annual business. It’s now worth more than $35,000, and we’re working toward a goal of $75,000 per seat. We have various initiatives in place to move in this direction.”

Professionals who rely on referrals for a large percentage of their client base can benefit from membership in BNI WCF. Fleming notes that each local chapter is a conglomerate, where members are in the business of promoting the products and services of their fellow members. “Productivity is measured on a weekly and monthly basis through the process of tracking referrals, which can generate massive results.”

In addition to providing a strong referral network, BNI WCF offers personal development training in leadership, management, marketing and public speaking through the Referral Institute in Tampa and various business networking events. In July, 1,000 members participated in eight different personal and professional development programs.

“BNI actually changed me personally,” said BNI member Fred Tonte of National Property Inspections. “As a manager in the field of construction, I never had to network. It was scary to think I had to approach someone else and strike up a conversation. BNI has taken me out of my shell and to a comfort level that I never imagined I would be at.”

Beyond improving his networking skills, Tonte credits BNI with helping to boost his sales. “Our residential and commercial inspections firm made it through a very tough summer, thanks to BNI. Our business is growing, and we are getting more and more referrals each month from several different people. We expect to double our business by the end of the year.”

Individuals may join an existing BNI WCF chapter if there is an open seat in their business specialty. Because each chapter only allows one person per profession, prospective members may establish a new chapter in there is no availability in their local area. “Professionals who launch their own chapter have the opportunity to take on a leadership role and elevate their standing within the business community,” asserted Fleming. “We’re here to provide the information, support and training our members need, whether they’re interested in joining an established chapter or creating a new one.”

For more information about BNI WCF, visit or contact Tom Fleming at  352-527-7755 .

About Business Network International West Central Florida (BNI® WCF) and Tom Fleming

BNI is the largest business networking organization in the world, and offers members and prospective members the opportunity to share business referrals or initiate a local chapter of BNI.

Tom Fleming is the Executive Director for BNI in West Central Florida and Director of Training for the Referral Institute in Tampa. When Tom acquired the region, BNI WCF had one chapter with 13 members. The region now has over 40 chapters with 1,600 members passing $50,000,000 in business to each other in the past year alone.

Tom is sought out as a local, national and international speaker on the subjects of marketing businesses by referral and organizational development. He is also a contributing author in two best-selling books on referral-based marketing and has been recorded on many educational CDs produced from his speaking engagements. Prior to beginning his career as an entrepreneur, Tom worked for various Fortune 500 firms. He earned an MBA from Babson College and a bachelor’s degree in business from Boston University.

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