Boyd Industries Defines the Optimal way to Design an Orthodonist’s Office

Boyd Industries Defines the Optimal way to Design an Orthodonist’s Office

Patient Volume is Vital in Office Design Strategy

JoTo PR Client and Boyd CEO Adrian LaTrace, wrote an article in the Orthotown titled, Make Every Square Foot Count Adrian LaTrace.

Financially successful orthodontic offices have learned the proper balance between offering high-quality patient care, effective marketing to attract new patients, and operating the practice with maximum efficiency. Orthodontists know the impact that increased operating expenses have on a practice’s ability to run, staff and supply an office.

He drives home the point that the number of patients is what helps formulate the design strategy. “Use architects or designers who have experience in dental office—and most important—orthodontic office design. The key difference in orthodontic office design is the volume of patients seen daily. Many practices may see up to 150 patients a day. This flow of patients puts strain on the facility, equipment and team. Having the office designed in a manner that facilitates this volume will result in less stress on the doctor and team to manage,” LaTrace said.

Boyd Industries is a market leader in the design and manufacture of award-winning dental operatory equipment. Its high-quality and reliable equipment has been the choice of specialists for over 60 years. Boyd’s products include a full line of dental exam, treatment and surgical chairs, dental delivery systems, LED exam and surgical lighting, custom sterilization and storage cabinetry, doctor or assistant seating, and video game consoles. The company is an ISO 13485:2016 certified manufacturer. Phoenix Business Journal includes business leads, success strategies and information regarding area industries, business trends and events and profiles on people in the area. Covers the Valley’s vibrant and growing businesses and breaks news, spots trends and profiles the region’s top decision makers. Provides exclusive, breaking news and puts stories in context and perspective.

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