vetpicFor Tampa Bay veterinarian and TV personality Dr. Kane, BNI’s “Giver’s Gain” philosophy has earned him bottom-line business results by passing referrals to others

(Tampa, FL) – Award-winning veterinarian Dr. Kane already had a successful business when he was approached to join a business networking group called BNI in West Central Florida. A veterinarian and national TV personality (“Swamp Brothers”), Dr. Kane approached BNI in alignment with the organizations philosophy – “Givers Gain”. It pays off; when he passes business referrals to his members, he in return gets referrals that equate to business and more clients. Dr. Kane has been recently named number one member for passing referrals that resulted in the most amount of money for his fellow BNI members.

In the beginning of their career, not all vets are as successful as Dr. Kane nor featured on nationally-televised shows. In fact, studies show that there is concern when it comes to the current state of the veterinary medical workforce. A study called “Roadmap for Veterinary Medical Education in the 21st Century” projected future needs across all sectors and recommendations for the profession are addressed (1), including:

  • Vets need resource sharing
  • and
  • Vet graduates need to develop a broader range of skills and competencies

Being a member of BNI addresses the above points.

Each chapter has members comprised of different professionals; allowing members to provide education and knowledge about their own field of expertise and skill sets, and sharing their personal resources.  This information is openly shared, and members are encouraged to help each other.

The report also warns that veterinary medical education in its current form is unsustainable due to a decade-long decline in funding for education and research and increasing student debt load relative to income (1).

If vets produced a higher income they would have fewer worries when it came to student loans (and the apprehension of a high salary and clientele would not deter them from taking out loans to pursue this career).  In addition, if more people were able to learn about veterinary medical education, there could be an increase in funding, which is currently essential to the profession. BNI members have the opportunity to teach and inform investors, business professionals, and other fellow members about the need for funding in regards to education and research. This can lead to increased loans for the industry itself-which is beyond the individual member benefit.

“There are a lot of professional organizations where the goal is to promote yourself, your business, your referral aspects, your knowledge; but in BNI the goal is to promote your chapter members you know, like and trust,” commented Dr. Kane. “This is helping each other to do well-and it is a community that you cannot find anywhere else.”

Because of Kane’s applied philosophy of giving, he has been successful and encourages vets to do the same as the benefits will help to handle the projected troubles his industry’s young professionals are facing when they get out of school.

BNI’s success is measured by performance and numbers.  In the past year, BNI of West Central Florida helped members pass $75 million in business to each other, which averages $40,000 in incremental business for each member.

BNI’s Giver’s Gain philosophy can help professionals, such as veterinarians, overcome the challenges of sharing resources, having a broader range of skills, as well as gaining new business via referrals.   BNI believes that giving referrals fuels the process of providing chapter members with the names of people who may need their products or services.

About Dr. Kane
Dr. Kane founded Hillsborough County’s largest full-service veterinary facility in 1987. The Care Animal Hospital and the Surgi-Care complex has a highly trained and professional staff of 10 veterinarians (including board certified surgeons and interns), 25 animal technicians as well as numerous receptionists, office managers and customer service coordinators. Kane has been featured on NBC, Fox and ABC television as well as in the Tampa Tribune & St. Petersburg Times for his many accomplishments in veterinary medicine. Dr. Kane is also one of the vets on the Discovery Channel TV Show, The Swamp Brothers :


About Tom Fleming and BNI
Tom Fleming is the Executive Director for BNI in West Central Florida and the Referral Institute.  When Tom acquired the region, BNI WCF had one chapter with 13 members.  The region now has over 43 chapters with 1,800 members passing $75 million in business to each other in the past year alone. Tom is sought out as a local, national and international speaker on the subjects of marketing businesses by referral and organizational development.  He is also a contributing author in two best-selling books on referral based marketing and has been recorded on many educational CD’s produced from his speaking engagements.  Prior to beginning his career as an entrepreneur, Tom worked for various Fortune 500 firms, earned an MBA from Babson College and a Bachelor’s Degree in business from Boston University. Visit BNI West Central Florida

(1)VeterinaryBusiness.Com, June 13, 2012. “Study affirms the need for veterinary profession to evolve”.